Why are cheap online cigarettes better than cheap offline cigarettes?

cheap cigarettes online vs offline

If you are a smoker, habitual, chain, or even simply recreational, by choice or by need due to a nicotine addiction – we assume that you must fall under one of these categories, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading our posts on buy-cheap-cigarettes.com – then you are right to be furious and frustrated by the excessively, often ridiculously, high price of a pack of cigarettes.

It is true that the policy of governments and authorities around the globe to be placing a heavy burden on the shoulder of smokers in the form of taxation on cigarettes, either in their attempt to contain and curb smoking – as is their official rhetoric – or just as an easy way to quickly and effectively increase their revenues, has lead many smokers in despair because it makes it almost impossible to easily afford to keep buying cigarettes at such high prices. Indeed, in certain areas, such as some US states, e.g. New York, or in Britain the price for a pack of cigarettes bought through a conventional channel, that is a normal retail up you local street, has soared to unprecedented heights. I was even reading a story a few days ago about a woman in Britain who managed to afford to buy a house simply by quitting smoking. Imagine that…a whole house!

But not all of us have the will power or even simply the desire to stop smoking in order to avoid paying for a pack so dearly. So what do we do? Rightfully and naturally we are looking for alternative sources of supply, vendors that will sell us cigarettes for less. This is though where problems begin, because although we are right to want to buy cigarettes for less and more cheaply than they are sold in shops, we should never be led to believe that cheap is always good. After all we buy a cigarette to smoke it, we inhale the smoke, it enters our bodies and we should therefore be wary not only of the price, but also of the quality of the next smoke we lit up.

Exactly due to the high taxes and consequent high retail prices there seem to be plenty of cigarettes out there being sold for much less by dodgy guys round the corner, from vendors who sell out of car boots or behind the bar at pubs. The main problem here is that chances are that these cigarettes than you can buy of the street are almost certainly inferior quality, counterfeit products and their manufacture and sale are completely uncontrolled and illegal. The question here tough is not one of morality but plainly one of grave health hazards for the unsuspected smoker who, desperate to get hold of a pack of cigarettes without paying a fortune, is deceived into buying such cigarettes that are may contain many poisonous chemicals and other forbidden materials.

So, next time you are approached by someone trying to sell you such a pack, by all means do not put your health in danger and say no. The only health risks you should be taking by smoking should be the ones you knowingly choose to accept through the harmful effects already associated with nicotine and tar. But do not despair, you can still buy cheap cigarettes, much cheaper than in brick and mortar shops but of the same good quality from online vendors.

The street vendors who try to sell you cheap cigarettes are selling cheap because they are buying cheap and can still make a profit because what they are selling are not genuine, good quality products. On the other hand, online cigarettes stores can sell cheap because they can better compete with the normal stores in many aspects of their operations, but the cigarettes they sell – provided they are a reputable online cigarette store and not a scammer, see how you can avoid those in our relevant post – are on par with the cigarettes being sold by traditional offline vendors, they are manufactured in licensed and controlled factories and are of good quality without posing any further unnecessary risks for one’s health.

So why exactly can an online vendor of cigarettes sell cheap, cheaper than normal shops, if the products they are selling are of the same good quality? The answer is simple: online vendors can and do buy in bulk and hold vast quantities of cigarettes, thus they get better prices, better than those secured by normal stores, and online vendors can rollover this difference on to you. Moreover, online vendors can get the cigarettes they are selling from a plethora of manufacturers, often from overseas, who manufacture high quality cigarettes under license from the original companies, in areas where labour and other costs are lower, thus having a cheaper cigarettes price. Your average shop down the road cannot have a differentiate source of supply nor does it have access to the world market but only to the local representative of a tobacco company. On a similar note, online cheap cigarette stores can sell more cheaply because they have much more customers than the shop down the road, since their potential client base is not just the dozens of local residents but potentially the whole world population of smokers (yes, ok this is an exaggeration but it drives the message home.) Last but not least, online cheap cigarettes vendors have much less overhead expenses to cover because they simply need a huge warehouse, a reliable stock management software and a properly designed web-store, plus a few employees to handle orders in order to operate, while proper cigarette selling shops need to pay rent and other expenses for their shops, plus salaries of shop assistants and fancy window displays.

In a nutshell, cheap offline cigarettes from obscure individuals may be cheap but they are bad quality, illegal and potentially very dangerous, while cigarettes bought from the traditional retail vendors cannot be cheap, not only due to the taxes but also because the margin for such vendors to sell cheaply simply does not exist. Thus, your safest and perhaps only bet to buy good quality cigarettes and still be able to buy them cheaply is if you buy from a reputable online cheap cigarettes store. If you are still in doubt, just visit one of our trusted online vendors and place an order. Once you receive your cigarettes having paid much less and after you smoke them and see that the quality is impeccable, then we are certain that you will be convinced….