West cigarettes brand

west cigarettes brand

The West cigarette brand is a true German product and as such it features the well known high quality shared by all German products. The brand’s original manufacturer was a German company called “Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken” , a company which had being producing tobacco products for a really long time, since 1910, producing several popular brands which it sold to more than 130 countries globally. West cigarettes were its flagship brand and it had managed to win a huge base of vivid, loyal fans all over the world due to their high quality. The brand continued its success even after the year 2000, when Reemtsma was taken over by the famous British company Imperial Tobacco, which gave the global sale and marketing of West a further boost. Already the most popular brand in its homeland of Germany, the West brand went on to conquer the heart and taste buds of many smokers around the world, who were quick to recognise that this is indeed a unique cigarette.

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What makes the West so special is their very distinctive, heavy, full and rich taste that makes smoker’s hooked. In fact many claim that once accustomed to the flavour and aroma of West cigarettes a smoker is never pleased by any other brand, leading to very high and rigid brand loyalty among the smokers of West cigarettes. Besides their strong flavour and scent, West cigarettes increased their appeal, recognition and sales volumes through their active sponsorships of F1 racing teams, gaining them a significant portion of the sport’s followers.

Besides the classic, full flavoured version, the West brand has expanded its range to include variations of lesser potency and a different type in order to satisfy the diverge tastes of smokers. For example, the West Ultra, which is a much mellower, lighter cigarette, is still highly regarded in the market due to its overpowering aftertaste that lasts for long after you have actually finished smoking it. Another successful example of the West family brand and its innovative approach is the West Fusion line of cigarettes, which combine a modern filtering system with a quality tobacco blend and a very stylish and contemporary package design.
Another interesting thing to note about the West brand of cigarettes is the fact that the marketing methods used to promote it allow for more discounts than other brands, which increases your chances of being able to get hold of a carton of West at a much lower price than what you have to cough up for other brands of similar potency and quality, especially if you are wise enough to search for such special discounted prices and offers online. Therefore, West are also preferred because they can be said to be real value for money, a truly robust, full flavoured smoke for an affordable, reasonable price that won’t hurt your pocket.

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