Viceroy cigarettes brand

Viceroy cigarettes brand
Viceroy cigarettes brand

Initially launched in the domestic U.S. market in 1936 by the Brown & Williamson Tobacco company, the Viceroy brand has travelled a long distance and it is currently present in more than 70 markets worldwide. Viceroy cigarettes enjoy big popularity and have a long heritage, while they are justifiably regarded as one of the most innovative products in the history of the tobacco industry. The manufacturer strove from the very beginning to produce the Viceroy brand through the employment of the most modern and advance production technologies available. This was evident not only in the brand’s visual identity, including the design and the packaging, but also in the blending of the tobacco and mostly in the filter system.

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In fact, Viceroy was the first cigarette brand to feature a combined cork-tipped and cellulose acetate filter system. The advantage of this dual filtering technology is that it effectively retains the dangerous substances of tobacco in the filters offering smokers efficient protection from the various chemicals. In addition, the acetate filter system helps to conceal the harshness of the tobacco, making the cigarette easier and more pleasant to puff. After Viceorys made use of this technology in cigarette filters the other manufacturers soon followed suit, turning this into a standard for the whole industry.

Currently Viceroy cigarettes are manufactured for the U.S. market by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, however they are not being rigorously marketed by the company. Nevertheless, they continue to be very popular in other markets, outside the US. In fact the Viceroy brand was a champion in the low cost market category soon after its launching into the European marketin the early 1990s. Because of its record high sales in Europe, in 2004 R.J. Reynolds decided to merge with British American Tobacco and together to undertake the venture of manufacturing and selling Viceroy cigarettes worldwide. This joint venture has proven mutually beneficial and successful and has meant a bigger customer base and more opportunities for those involved.

Since the above mentioned merger, the Viceroy Cigarettes are now considered a “generic” brand for the US market, combining a very good quality at a very competitive price, rendering them a brand that is definitely “value for money”.  Due to their quality and affordability the Viceroy cigarettes are extremely popular in many countries around the globe, such as Chile, Argentina, Turkey, Romania and most countries in the Middle East.

Besides being a cigarette of superb quality, rich in taste and flavour and being sold at a relatively low cost, the Viceroy brand also offers smokers the chance to choose from its numerous variations which include the Box Kings, Light Box Kings, Ultra Light Kings and Ultra Light 100′s. Moreover, and as part of its constant pursuit of renewal in the year 200, a new Menthol flavoured variety of the Viceroy brand was introduced. However, it has not managed to match the popularity of its regular flavoured version.