Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco

Van Nelle Hand Rolling Tobacco

The Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco is proud both of its great taste and the fact that it is easy to roll and it has gained a huge market share exactly because of these two attributes. Indeed, the Van Nelle brand is key in the emergence of its reputable manufacturer, the Imperial Tobacco company, as the world’s largest producer of fine-cut rolling tobacco, having many loved brands in its portfolio.

As a brand Van Nelle is considered a premium product and it is available in two different blends, aiming to cater to the preferences of a smoker’s base that is as wide as possible. The first blend type is the Van Nelle Halfzware, sold in a blue package and containing a half heavy mixture of Virginia and Zware shags. The second type is the Van Nelle Zware, which means heavy in Dutch. This variation comes in a dark blue package signifying that it has a stronger taste, since its tobacco blend is a mixture of the Latakia, Kentucky and Paraguay tobacco types.

Both the varieties of the Van Nelle brand are prime examples of fine-cut tobacco and despite their difference in flavour and potency, they are both equally satisfying for the throat and senses due to their strong, fulfilling yet pleasant and alluring taste, flavour and aroma. Moreover, both the variations of the brand are usually available in pouches of 10g, 30g, 50g and 250g. The packaging of the Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco might not be particularly fancy but it ensures that the tobacco remains fresh and has the right amount of moisture in order to offer smokers an exceptional smoking experience time and time again.