Top Websites for Legally Buying Cigarettes Online

top cigarettes sites online

The rally of price hikes in the retail price of cigarettes in brick and mortar stores in countries across the world, forces smokers and all those wishing to buy cigarettes to search for other cheaper supply sources in order to obtain their cigarettes. Indeed, local retail sellers are facing an intense competition from online cigarette stores who are offering much better prices and are rightly being preferred by hordes of smokers the world over. Online cigarette vendors usually stock not only cigarettes per se, but also a wide range of tobacco products, such as hand rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, smoking accessories such as lighters, as well as alternatives to traditional smoking, such as electronic vaping devices, liquids etc.

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The need for online stores selling cigarettes at better prices is also exacerbated by the continuous trend adopted by governments and authorities in many countries to be increasing the taxes imposed on cigarettes, both in order to increase their revenues in their coffers and also as a deterrent, to force people to either cut down on how much they smoke or better yet quit smoking all together, because they will be unable to bear the very high cost of feeding this habit. Increasing the price of cigarettes has been proven to work as an anti-smoking measure, and it is expected that authorities will continue to increase taxes, thus rendering the price of a pack even less attractive and less bearable.

However, for those who wish to continue smoking the good news is that the internet is a powerful weapon in their hands that allows them access on online e-commerce sites that sell cigarettes at tax free prices or prices which include much lower tax levels, because they are sourced from offshore countries, where the taxation is lower. Another capability is offered through the single common European market within the EU, which allows and facilitates the commerce of cigarettes from European countries with lower cigarette prices to those with higher prices without the imposition of further duties.

It is true however that not all online cigarette vendors are equally reliable, and many face problems in the shipping of their products due to certain limitations in the customs and postal rules in each state, which often leads to online cigarettes orders being intercepted by customs and never reaching their destination. Truly reliable sites that also offer an excellent level of customer service, besides selling at affordable low prices, usually offer their customers free replacement shipments in the cases where the packages get seized by customs.

To help smokers locate the top sites for buying high quality cigarettes at low prices, and above all doing so legally, we have search for and present you with a short list of credible, reliable, legal and safe online cigarette stores from where you can shop with confidence and benefit from incredible savings in the final bill. Have a look at the list below and take your pick:


This online cigarette sales store offers a truly world class level of service for all its customers, giving them not only incredibly cheap prices, but also a truly impressive range of brand selection. The customer service team is very responsive and always available to help with any problems, while the professionalism of the site is reflected in their dedication to clients and their needs. A safe, legal and secure place to shop for cheap cigarettes online, it gains the top spot on our list.

  • Duty Free Depot

This website aims to cover all the smoking related needs of its customers and become their only supply source since it not only sells cigarettes, but also cigars, loose tobacco, lighters and other related products and accessories. All their products are shipped globally and they also provide a good level of customer service, while offering cheap prices that lead to good savings on the price of tobacco products.


You will love this site due to its incredible prices and the fact that it offers express shipping on all orders that ensures the fast and direct delivery of all your cigarettes. This online cigarette store often runs special promotions and gives out special coupons that render its prices even more affordable and cheap. What is more is that you can also save on your cigarette purchases by taking advantage of the site’s well rewarding friend-referral program. stocks most popular brands and sells high quality cigarettes at prices that anyone can afford.

  • Smokers-Mall

Although slightly pricier than its competitors, this online cigarette sales store offers a good and wide variety of brands to choose from and often is one of the first to stock newly released versions prior to their official launching. It boasts a well- organized, worldwide shipping process, which gives customers full access and control by allowing them to track their order using the site’s after sales services.

  • Cigarette-on-line

The main reason why this site can offer very low prices on the cigarette brands it sells, is because it is based on the island of Saint Maarten (in the Caribbean), where cigarettes are untaxed. Moreover, this online cigarettes vendor also stocks and sells many cigarette brands that are manufactured in Eastern European countries, where the production and labor costs are lower, resulting in cheaper prices for the customers. An extensive shipping network and good customer service complete the site’s offering.