Top 5 most popular cigarette brands

Top 5 most popular cigarette brands
Top 5 most popular cigarette brands

Despite being recognized as detrimental to one’s health smoking cigarettes remains a habit of choice or addiction by millions of smokers all over the world, while the tobacco industry is one of the strongest across the globe. The popularity, accessibility and wide availability of tobacco products has meant that an infinite number of cigarette brands are being made and sold worldwide. However, certain brands manage to defeat both the anti-smoking rhetoric and the boundaries across countries and markets, featuring in the top five selling positions in the global sales rankings, meaning they have fanatic smokers everywhere in the world. If you want to find out, which are these hugely successful brands of cigarettes, then have a look at the following list, which was compiled based on the global sales volume of each brand among adult smokers:

Marlboro Cigarettes

Since their introduction to the wider public in 1924 the Marlboro brand of cigarettes a product by Philip Morris Company has soon climbed to the number one position, being the brand with the most volume of sales globally. None doubts this fact and it is highly unlikely that any other brand will be able to challenge Marlboros for the top spot in worldwide sales any time soon. Marlboros have remained top-seated for many decades due to their high quality, successful marketing and aggressive market expansion and penetration.

Winston Cigarettes

Living up to its slogan “Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should” has meant that since its initial launch in 1954 this particular brand of cigarettes being manufactured by the R.J. Reynolds Company has had an upward trend in its popularity and have managed to attract and maintain smokers from all over the world due to their affordable price and uniquely flavoured tobacco. Indeed the Winston brand climbed to the number two position according to the global volume sales, aided by the recent launching of a number of new smoking varieties, such as the Winston Superslims Blue.

Camel Cigarettes

Another product by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Camel cigarettes, are one of the oldest brands around, since they were launched in 1913. Camel cigarettes were being produced in the city of Winston-Salem in North Carolina and were an instant success, becoming ever since one of the most loved and sought-after cigarette brands across the globe, being the preferred cigarette brand for smokers not only in the United States, but also in Canada, South Africa and Japan. The Camel brand uses and sells three different families of tobacco blends, namely the Classic, the Turkish and the Exotic. The Classic is full flavoured with a rich taste, the Turkish is smoother with a characteristic odour due to the paper and tobacco used in its making, while the Exotic blends are indeed exotic, unique and exceptional catering for those with less conventional tastes.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

They are being considered as one of the oldest brands in the world because they were launched as early as the year 1871, initially as chewing tobacco, later turning into a proper cigarette. A favourite for non-filtered cigarette smokers they have recently seen their market share shrink but still maintain a strong position among the world’s best selling brands. The most distinctive feature of the Lucky Strike brand is the fact that instead of being sun-dries like most other brands, these cigarettes are literally toasted, giving them a fine, unique taste.

L&M Cigarettes

The L&M brand records high volume sales making it currently the third most popular cigarettes brand worldwide. Originally manufactured by the Liggett & Myers Company, which was later taken over by British American Tobacco, L&M’s marketing strategy was aimed at the elite of the smoking public, emphasizing the high quality of the tobacco being used as well as the presence in L&Ms of the best cigarette filter available at the time. Maintaining a high quality and being offered at a competitive price has rendered the L&M brand very popular across the globe from Europe to Asia and Latin America.