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Cigarettes Shopping and Tobacco Resources
Cigarettes Shopping and Tobacco Resources

Welcome to our cigarettes and tobacco resources directory, which we constantly try to update to keep you informed and help you locate all the useful internet resources containing information and material which pertains to the usage of cigarettes and other tobacco products, its effect on human health, societal impact etc. as well as insights on the history of smoking as a habit and the history of the important players in this huge international market.

Smoking & Tobacco Use:

The website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at is the CDC’s primary online communication channel and an authoritative source of invaluable, accurate information, providing its visitors with credible, reliable health information on smoking as well as many other topics relevant or not.

Tobacco Directories and other Smoking Resources:

At, which is the Tobacco related section of the Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, one can find a very extensive coverage on the topic of the history of tobacco as well as other intersecting and even obscure details on other tobacco related issues, including an extensive list of other external links for further reading on the various subjects covered.

Another useful location is the tobacco links section, which surprisingly enough includes more than 100 open directory categories that deal with cigarettes or tobacco in one way or another. Each such category includes further subcategories, listing numerous sites which offer relevant information on each topic.  Of course for the most up to date information on the stores selling cheap cigarettes online and their featured promotions, visit the relevant sections of our guide and keeping coming back regularly as all our databases are being updated and revised constantly to bring you top quality information, especially when it comes to the latest, hottest offers to buy cheap cigarettes online!