Maybe It’s Time To Quit Smoking

new year resolution quit smoking

Ok, so you are a smoker and have been for quite some time, but is the onset of the new year perhaps a good time to reconsider this habit and make an attempt to quit? According to a recent survey the results of which were announced by the federal Center of Disease Control and Prevention many Americans seem to have already resolved to quit smoking and stick to it, thus the proportion of Americans who smoke cigarettes has cratered to a new low.

More specifically, according to the figures in the survey about 42.1 million people — 17.8 percent of American adults — smoked in 2013. That’s down from the 21.6 percent that the percentage was back in 2003 and indeed this is the lowest percentage since the federal government began tracking smoking rates in 1965. In fact, back in 1965, more than half of American men and a third of American women smoked, while today, only 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women smokes and those who continue to do so are smoking fewer cigarettes than ever before.

Authorities are well pleased with this news, viewing this development as one of the greatest public health triumphs in American history and aspiring that it will result in the saving of millions of lives. Ever since the 1964 report by the U.S. Surgeon General which first alerted the American public that smoking cigarettes causes cancer and other illnesses the evidence that smoking kills has pilled up, while cigarette smoking has gradually started to taper off, reaching its current low.

The reasons to quit smoking are not limited to the potential or definite harm that cigarettes cause to the health of the smoker alone. Indeed other factors may be playing a more significant part in taking such a decision, perhaps because they are more tangible than the threat to one’s health that might come sometime in the future. The first such tangible reason is the increasingly rising cost of maintaining the habit, since cigarette prices keep going up, not least due to the heavy taxation that is imposed on them.

Moreover, the prevalence of the anti-smoking movement has meant that smokers are left with fewer places where they are allowed to light up, making it very difficult to keep the habit, since smoking is now banned almost everywhere in many countries, including even in parks, playgrounds and beaches.

Furthermore, due to the great influence of the anti-smoking forces, smokers are often looked down on and made feel as social-outcasts, practicing something that is criticized, sinister and abominable.

Therefore, even if you don’t pay much attention to the harm you may be causing to your health, even if you can afford the rising prices of cigarettes or you have found a way around this through buying cheap cigarettes online or rolling your own, there might be still reason to consider quitting in order to avoid social exclusion.

We are not the ones to preach here, as we do believe that every individual has the absolute right to decide on their own whether they wish to continue smoking or not. However, we strongly feel that everyone should also have access to all the necessary resources and available help in case they decide to stop or gradually taper off smoking.

Self-help methods, support groups, nicotine patches or chewing gum, special medication, the use of e-cigarettes and many more Ways to Stop Smoking are all available and could help a smoker leave the habit behind him/her. The decision is yours alone and whatever you decide to do, keep smoking or quit, we aspire to be here to assist in finding a good and quality deal or the assistance necessary to help you rid yourself of smoking.