The tell-tell signs of a top online cigarettes store

top online cigarettes store

If you are a regular visitor of, then you are probably already convinced that, as in the case for many other products nowadays, internet shopping has revolutionized the way people make their purchases and it is by all accounts and measures the best, wisest and smartest option to get hold of cheap cigarettes, ensuring huge savings for smokers, especially when compared with the prices one is called to buy at their local brick and mortar high street vendors.

Having said that, the real question is how to effectively and successfully discern which are the best, top online cigarettes stores to buy from, since this online retail industry contains literally thousands of vendors. Sifting through the lot may appear as a daunting task, but it is worth the while, because if you do manage to find a good, reliable internet store to buy cheap cigarettes from you will be making huge savings for your monthly budget and you will also be able to rip the many benefits of online shopping including its super ease and convenience.

Obviously, the first quality that a top online cigarettes store should have is to be a genuine, honest venture and not a scam run by fraudsters who are simply out to get your money. Sometimes knowing whether a store is reliable or not is not easy to achieve at first sight, but we have already published several posts on this issue. Read our relevant post in order to find out more about how to locate and avoid rogue online cigarettes vendors.

However, being a legitimate vendor of cigarettes online does not suffice to render a store a top online cigarettes store. The differences between a plain good online cigarettes vendor and a really top of the range, premium source of cigarettes are largely self-evident and shouldn’t be too hard to spot, if even for the less experienced online buyers. Nevertheless, because as a smoker’s guide our mandate is always to make things simpler for all those smokers wishing to buy cheap cigarettes online, what follows is a concise, yet pretty exhaustive account, identifying the tell-tell signs that render an e-tailler of cigarettes a real top online cigarettes store.

To be able to boast as ranking amongst the best, an online cigarettes store should be able to meet all your needs. This means that first are foremost it should stock a huge variety of brands and brand variants for you to choose from and it should always be in a position to provide you with the quantity you are after. If a store has for a sale a limited number of brands, if it doesn’t have not only premium cigarettes, but also more obscure ones, newer brands or all the different styles, sizes, types, potencies or flavors available, then it is not a top online cigarettes vendor. Having said that, most online cigarettes shop do stock a huge variety of brands in adequate quantities to meet demand, because usually they operate out of massive warehouses and employ reliable inventory and stock controls systems, giving a great comparative advantage over your average small shop round the corner.

A premium online cigarettes store should only sell top quality cigarettes from recognized, reputable manufacturers. It should never try to sell you fake, counterfeit, lower quality cigarettes made under uncontrolled conditions and possibly containing poisonous chemicals or other harmful substances. If the prices you find in an online cigarettes store are unrealistically low then perhaps this is a sign that the cigarettes are not genuine and are of inferior quality. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact the vendor and request for assurances and even proof that their products are of good quality and made by licensed manufacturers before placing an order.

Obviously, to defeat competition and earn the coveted title of being the best online cigarettes store, a vendor should price cigarettes affordably. Prices should be cheap, value for money and not be made excessive by any additional costs hidden away during the ordering process. Moreover, a top online cigarettes shop is one which also offers its customers, besides a competitive price per carton, further savings when buying in bulk as well as additional opportunities to further reduce the cost of an order through special promotions, sales, discount codes and coupons etc. For more details on these topics you can read our dedicated post.

Moreover, to be considered amongst the best online cigarettes stores an e-tailer should have in place schemes that reward its customers for their loyalty, often through points programs that are used as credit when placing your next order and/or through referral programs that reward a customer when he/she acts as a referee and recommends the site to others who become paying customers.

To justify a spot amongst the top cigarettes stores on the internet, a store should be able to serve customers irrespective of their location and thus be shipping the cigarettes to as many destinations as possible. Moreover, clients should be able to choose among various shipping and delivery methods, all of which should be free or at least reasonably priced, prompt, reliable and secure, meaning that your cigarettes will arrive nicely and discreetly packaged within time frames that are not too long and under conditions that will ensure that the quality of the cigarettes is not adversely affected and they remain fresh in taste and flavor.

In terms of the payment methods it accepts, a top store is not determined as much by the great number of ways you can pay but rather by whether the methods accepted are safe and secure both for the customer and for the vendor as well. Having said that, provided they are secure, multiple payment methods being accepted is always a welcome advantage.

Other features may exist that could also add to the quality of an online cigarettes store but what is perhaps the single determining factor in our view, which differentiates between the multitude of online cigarette retailers and makes the really best ones stand out is how customer-centric their approach is. A genuinely top online cigarettes store is one whose site is designed in a manner that enhances the shopping experience, where the pages are easy to navigate and all clients can easily browse through and locate their favorite brand. Moreover, to be able to claim the title of the best online cigarettes store, a vendor should ensure that the ordering process is straightforward without unnecessary procedures and time consuming processes and that it is executed in a secure environment and in a prompt manner.

Besides ensuring a customer friendly website, top online cigarettes stores should always show how much they value and respect their clients. This means that they should have very good customer service departments and the staff working there should be easy to reach via phone, chat or email, polite, friendly and prompt when answering customer questions and proactive when it comes to finding and proposing solutions to any problems that may arise. Emails going unanswered, phone lines that are always busy and a lack of willingness to address or redress a customer’s concerns that signs that an online cigarettes vendor is not entitled to be considered among the best online cigarettes stores.

To conclude, if you feel tired after reading this piece and would rather that someone else would check out the quality of an online cigarettes store before you place an order, then rely on the opinion of our editors, who always take into account all the tell-tell signs mentioned above, as well as others, before they recommend an online cigarettes store to you.