Superkings cigarettes brand

Superkings cigarettes brand

A product of long established tobacco manufacturer Imperial Tobacco, the Superkings cigarettes brand is currently very popular especially in the UK and Irish markets. In the UK the brand is currently marketed primarily towards the price sensitive, working-class female smokers segment of the market, and it appears to be pretty successful if one considers that they hold the 9th place in popularity as regards the cigarette brands being sold in the UK, accounting for a healthy 3,3% of the total market. Considered the successor of another brand, the John Player brand, Superkings can also be found in other markets across the globe, being marketed under similar names.

As revealed by the literal meaning of the word, the name of the brand is said to be derived from the 100 mm cigarette length that these cigarettes have. In fact, this was amongst the first brands in the UK to be longer than the usual king size, of 85 mm. In the overall cigarette manufacturing industry the term “super-kings” is often used to describe any cigarette of that has a length that is longer than the regular length indicator, as well as being longer than a normal king size smoke.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Superkings brand is its packaging which is marked by vertical bars in black and gold, blue, white or green colours, depending on the variety and potency included in each pack, with the bars placed purposely in order to emphasize the increased length of the specific cigarette.  To complete the image of brand that definitely looks different than the rest, the filter used in a Superking is light brown, featuring two gold circles at the base, except in the case of the mentholated version of the brand, where the filter is white. In all variations the name and logo-crest of the brand are printed on the rolling paper of the cigarette near the filter.

Aiming to capture the entire spectrum of smoking preferences and satisfy the differing tastes of smokers, SuperKings are available besides their regular full-flavoured variant, also in a lighter version, and an even more mellow ultra-light version, while they also come out as menthol cigarettes, for those who prefer the more minty taste.  Competitively priced and considered an affordable option of good quality, the Superkings brand costs similarly as cigarettes of the regular king size. In fact, because usually Super King sized cigarettes, although longer, are on most occasions being sold at the same price as the regular king size cigarettes of the same brand, many are falsely led to believe that this is because they are made from inferior quality materials, for example surplus tobacco, and are thus of a much lesser quality than regular sized cigarettes. The Superkings brand is a real life example that this belief is not valid or grounded, since they offer a good quality at an equally good price.