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Unethical online cigarette shops and potentially scam websites usually after some time and when customers start becoming aware about that store dishonesty change their domain name to avoid all that bad reviews and comments they are receiving over the internet. Thats exactly the cause of formerly known as seem to be full of empty promises. We tried them out to see the level of the service they provide but were very disappointed to discover that we could not place an order on any of the discounted cigarettes they feature.

After repeated attempts we kept getting automated messages that what we were trying to order was out of stock. We tend to believe that they put up special offers just to lure unsuspecting customers but cannot deliver on what they promise. This is falsifying information just to trick people and proves they are dishonest and shouldn’t be trusted.


  1. I was fooled by them too because it was indeed impossible to buy the cigarettes they claimed they had on special offer. When I got in touch to ask for an explanation I was told the offer items were out of stock and they suggested I buy another, similar, brand but at a much higher price! Sure enough I told them thanks, but no thanks and bought from somewhere else.

  2. I think they are dodgy too because they often advertise offers that are too good to be true and also because they keep changing their company info. I did order once but the payment was charged under a different company than the one on the site, while the sender on the package appeared to be a different company. I found this very suspicious and decide to keep away…

  3. has previously used the domain name of

    As indicated by Peter Stewart, this site is nothing more than a scam to take your money. Definitely avoid this site!!!