How to succeed in buying cheap Newport cigarettes

buy cheap newport cigarettes

By all accounts and measures Newport cigarettes are a top smoking product, not least because they have since a long time comfortably occupied the number one spot in the American market of mentholated cigarettes, also being extremely popular among the African American community, but enjoying great popularity among other smoker groups such as young people and women.

If Newport cigarettes are your favourite brand then this means that as a smoker you greatly value quality, as this brand, the flagship of its maker the Lorillard Tobacco company, is a high-quality, premium brand that offers an exceptional smoking experience through its perfectly balanced combination of the zesty menthol flavor and the flavor of a premium tobacco blend. However, exactly because it is a premium brand it is not as reasonable priced as one might wish. This though does not mean that Newport smokers will have to forgo their preference and chose a brand that is less satisfying or of inferior quality.

You can still stick to smoking Newport cigarettes and pay less for them. If you have tried to obtain cheap Newport cigarettes in the past and have failed to do so, what follows are some smart tips on how to succeed on this venture the next time round, also offering some explanations why your previous attempts to get hold of cheap Newport cigarettes might have failed.

The first key to succeeding in buying cheap Newport cigarettes is to make such a purchase online, as opposed to all the other available methods. For a detailed account of why this the best method to obtain cheap cigarettes and why it makes more sense to choose this option over others, take some time to study our dedicated article on  “Why you should buy cigarettes online”.

If you knew this already and you did try to buy cheap Newport cigarettes online but failed, then maybe this was because you chose the wrong online cigarette store to take your custom. Because there is a huge number of online cigarettes vendors competing for your attention and unfortunately some are not professional, or reliable, even some being plain scammers and predators trying to deceive the unsuspecting customers, it is not uncommon to chose the wrong store and fail to obtain your favourite brand for less. Thus, in order to be successful next time round you have to make sure in advance that the online cigarette store you will use is indeed trustworthy and reliable. Instead of trying to figure this out on your own, it will be more sensible and successful to let the knowledge and expertise of others guide you. In short, consult the reviews and rankings of individual stores as these are compiled by independent third party experts. One such useful ranking table that takes into account different parameters and compares and contrasts different online cigarettes vendors is the one prepared by our team and you can access it by clicking on the screenshot below:


online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews
Online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews. Click to access the full table.


Compare Newport cigarettes Prices and Pay Less

If in the past you did shop from a reliable store but still think you could have gotten hold of Newport cigarettes for an even cheaper price, you are perhaps right. This is because there is a noteworthy difference in the prices offered by different online stores, so a store being reliable does not necessarily mean that it is cheap, or that it is the cheaper possible for the brand you want. Most stores offer a great number of brands but you cannot know if your own brand, in this case Newport cigarettes, is being sold at the best price you can obtain. The only way to be sure is to consult price comparison tables that are brand specific and show the prices of different quantities and variants of the Newport brand from various vendors, enabling you to locating who sells what you are after for the cheaper price in an instant. To facilitate you we have prepared such price comparison tables and you can easily access them by clicking on the screenshot below:


Compare newport cigarettes price
Compare newport cigarettes price online and locate the store that sells their favourite cigarettes at the lowest price.


Another reason that your previous attempts to buy cheap Newport cigarettes might have failed is that you did not order your quantities wisely. Your best bet for successfully buying cheap Newport cigarettes is if you buy in bulk. This means that the cost per individual pack is greatly reduced. Additionally vendors usually have special offers for those buying greater quantities, for example a common offers is to throw in 3 cartons for free if one orders 12 cartons, meaning you pay for 12 but get 15. Obviously this saves you a lot of money! Moreover, bulk purchasing may entail additional savings as stores often link free delivery to a specific threshold that you will definitely surpass if you buy in bulk.

Our final but very important tip to success that might also explain your previous failed attempts to buy cheap Newport cigarettes has to do with taking advantage of discount coupons and promotion codes. It is a shame that many try to buy cigarettes online without using such codes, although these are readily available and can lead to great savings. This is most usual marketing tool used by online cigarettes store and therefore you are almost certain to find a coupon that is valid for buying your favourite brand whenever you want to buy it. Thus, never go the checkout page again without having previously a coupon or code to redeem in order to make your purchase cost you even less. You can find out more about effectively using such codes and coupons and how to get hold of them, by accessing our section on Free cigarette coupon discount codes.