State of New York sues UPS over contraband cigarettes

State of New York sues UPS over contraband cigarettes

Although of course we do not endorse or support illegal acts, it is a fact that the smoker residents of New York City and the state of New York are called to pay the higher prices for cigarettes across the entire USA. This leads many to look for ways to reduce the cost of smoking by resorting to buying contraband cigarettes shipping into New York from other areas. This has now become more difficult and obtaining cheap cigarettes in New York has taken another blow because the New York authorities have filed a law suit at the federal court in Manhattan against United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS), accusing the company of shipping more than 136 million contraband cigarettes across New York over the past five years.

This is the second blow to those buying and selling contraband cheap cigarettes in New York, as last year a similar suit was filed against another parcel service company, FedEx Corp. The decision in this case in still pending and state is seeking $70 million for alleged illegal shipments and $165 million in penalties from FedEx.  The new law suit against UPS seeks $180 million in damages and penalties, since the firm is accused of shipping nearly 700,000 cigarette cartons between 2010 and 2014, leading to a tax loss of about $5 million for the city and $30 million for the state.

Moreover, according to the law suit, UPS is accused of cooperating with numerous dealers in order to traffic illicit cigarettes, while the firm also breached the New York law against selling cigarettes to minors, since authorities claim that at least 70 packages of contraband cigarettes delivered by UPS where handed to children.

The New York City Corporation Counsel Zachary W. Carter highlighted that New York authorities allege that “the entities that ship these cigarettes through UPS earn enormous profits by avoiding the payment of required taxes and that the fees collected by UPS to ship these untaxed cigarettes are paid out of these illegal profits.”

UPS has denied the allegations through its spokesperson, who also pointed out that “Since 2005, UPS has continued to work with regulators on this issue. In fact, UPS agreed to stop delivering cigarettes to consumers nationwide at that time—a policy that went beyond the requirements of federal and state law.”

Whatever the outcome of the case will be, it is certain that the high taxes which lead to very high retail cigarette prices will continue to force smokers to seek for ways to obtain cheaper cigarettes and often force them to resort to illegal acts in order to achieve this. However, you do not need to get into trouble and break the law to get hold of cheaper cigarettes. Use our guide to learn how to do so through shopping from online vendors, compare the prices and have your favorite cigarette brand delivered to your doorstep for much less!