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Although when we ordered cheap cigarettes from we did in the end receive a package from them, we are very suspicious of this site and think that it may be run by crooks. The order took much longer than expected to arrive and we had to make repeated to the customer service department before we ever got anything delivered. The customer service staff were very hard to get hold of and were rude during our conversations. Moreover, their standard of English was poor something which severely hindered our communication efforts. In the end and after we threatened to blacklist the site, a package did arrive. Besides the delay, the package was not discreetly packaged and was torn and battered. To make things worse, the actual cigarettes looked genuine but tasted weird, so we are pretty sure they are counterfeit. Avoid this shop when placing your next online order for cheap cigarettes, since their level of service is indeed very poor and below standard and they are very likely to be scammers.

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  1. It’s funny you say this. I ordered with them a couple of time and always had my cigarettes delivered. However, you are perhaps right because I always thought they tasted funny but convinced myself it was because they were produced in Eastern Europe. Thanks for the alert, will look for another vendor next time.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, especially about the customer service quality. I was lucky enough not to part with any money as I thought they might be crooks when I called them up to clarify a query and could not get through for a long time. When finally someone answered it was impossible to make sense of what they were saying so I decided to keep away. Everyone, stay away from them!