Score Incredible Discounts in cigarette prices through online shopping tricks

Discounts in cigarette prices

Just as online retailers resort to all sorts of tricks and schemes in order to attract more customers and more sales, the beauty of shopping online is that consumers can also employ a number of sneaky methods in order to hunt for and strike amazing prices, incredible discounts and superb deals. Below we have amassed the ten most devious ways to ensure great prices when shopping for cheap cigarettes online. All tricks are tried and tested and they apply to sorts of online purchases so make sure you follow our advice and save more money on all your online shopping transactions:

1. Beat them in their own game by disabling dynamic pricing

The first trick we recommend you to apply is in fact in order to prevent cigarette or any other good online retail vendors from using one of their own tricks against you. This trick is called dynamic pricing and it refers to the strategy of online sellers to be charging different prices to different customers, based not only on the demand for a product and other market related factors but also depending on a shopper’s browsing history and the information they have obtained about their shopping patterns and habits. Because websites track, identify and store information about your consumer behaviour, sellers can rely on such data to identify and determine your price point, i.e. the price that makes you buy and may charge you more than someone else who has indicated through their shopping behaviour that is not willing to pay as much as you for a specific product. The best way to avoid getting charged a higher price than the next person for any product that you intend to buy online, including cigarettes, is to make sure that you erase your browser’s cookies and log out of your account after each session. Alternatively, to ensure that cookies are not saved during your product search you can use your internet browser’s version of a “private” or “incognito” window.

2. Use the abandoned cart strategy

Another trick you can use over online retailers is abandoning your cart and waiting for them to try and entice you to finish the transaction. To employ this strategy you simply need to log in to your account, place your desired cigarettes (or other items) in the cart and then just leave them there. Although it will not work with all online vendors, this trick is proven to make them come back to you with discount codes or a better price quote in order to persuade you to finish the transaction and make the purchase. We have tried this out with several online retailers not only for buying cigarettes but for all types of online purchases and we were pleased and amazed to receive coupons, discount codes and offers days later to convince us to seal the deal. We know for sure that this trick is effective with online cigarettes stores such as, and others.

3. Actively seek coupons and discount codes

The abandoned cart strategy described above can help you get hold of many money saving coupons and cigarette discount codes. Moreover, you can also achieve huge savings by obtaining more such coupons and codes from dedicated coupon sites, such as for example,, and, from the sites of the retailers themselves and from online guides, such as ours, which host dedicated discount cigarettes coupon sections.

4. Use social media to your benefit

Most online retailers reward the customers who follow them on the various social media available, so it is a good idea and it doesn’t cost you anything to follow an online vendor on Twitter, or like them or become their friend on Facebook. Just at the click of a button you will stand to receive many perks, such as early access to sales and special offer promotions as well as special coupons and exclusive discount codes.

5. Sign up for email alerts – more than once!

To make you join their mailing list and allow them to email you whenever they want, many stores offer you a coupon code just for joining, or send subsequent offers for those on their list. Most of the time, such offers are single-use but if you have more than one email account you can sign up more than once and amass multiple unique coupon codes, allowing you to save even more.

It is also a good idea to sign up for email alerts with multiple online vendors, not only those you usually shop from, but also with their competitors, since this will make it easier to directly and quickly compare the deals on offer and ask for a price to be matched. Unfortunately, this will mean a lot of emails ending up in your inbox and clattering it, so to keep things organized, tidy and clear, make sure you set up a special folder and filter all promotional emails in that destination. Keeping all such emails in one place will make comparison easier and also allow you to spot deals and sale trends better.

6. Don’t ever miss a chance: even if a coupon has expired call customer service

Although coupons often have short term validity dates if you get your hands on a discount coupon only to realize that it has expired, don’t discard it. Not all vendors will be willing to extend its validity, but we have also tried this trick and found out that many online stores are prepared to extend the expiry date of an expired coupon, if it means that they will secure your custom through this move. So, if you do have a coupon, even if it has expired call the customer service department of the online vendor in question and inquire whether the coupon could still be used. You will be surprised how many will respond positively and how much you will be able to save!

7. Always compare in-store prices and online prices

Although we are certain that you will not find cigarettes priced in a high street store cheaper than what you can buy them online, it is generally advised that before you buy anything offline or online you compare the price. If you are in a shop, you can easily go online via your smartphone and see what the price for the same product is online, and in case you are shopping online you can phone up a store and ask for the price of the product there to be able to make an effective comparison.

8. Compare the prices of online retailers

Competition is fierce in online shopping and if you have found a cheap price at a site it doesn’t mean it will still be the cheaper next time around. Because prices change often it is wise to always run a price comparison check before you buy each time. To save you time, there are dedicated sites that do this for you in a very easy and fast manner. When it comes to buying cheap cigarettes, our site, is one such site that allows you to effectively compare cigarette prices with just a couple of clicks.

9. Strategically redeem your coupon codes

When buying cigarettes, or any other item, online there are many vendors who will allow you to redeem more than one coupon codes and promotions per transaction. If multiple redemption is available during the checkout process, make sure you use your available coupons and codes in the right order, to achieve the maximum benefit possible. For example, if you have one coupon code for 20% off your purchase and another for $15 off your purchase, use the 20% off code first in order to benefit from a greater percentage discount and then apply the $15 off coupon to reach the final price you will be called to pay.

10. Seek price-drop refunds

If you discover that the price of an item you bought online has suddenly dropped a few days after your purchase you can seek a price-drop refund. Most stores, including online cheap cigarette vendors, are often willing to issue you a refund for the price difference if you contact them within a certain number of days. For purchases made on Amazon, this trick is very easy to use, since you can monitor price changes there via and if you spot that a price has fallen after you bought then you can contact the selling company within seven calendar days of the delivery date and they will refund you the price difference. Moreover, if you are paying for your purchase with your credit card, then check out if the card you are using offers the perk of refunding the difference on a purchase if this occurs within a certain short amount of time from the time you placed your order.