Samson Halfzware Shag

Samson Halfzware Shag

Manufactured and imported by a company called Lane Ltd, the Samson Halfzware Shag is currently considered to be one of the most popular hand rolling tobacco brands available. Many argue that Samson resembles its competitor the original version of Drum, but Samson lovers point out that what it lacks in aroma in comparison to Drum, it compensates in terms of a much stronger and distinctive character. Indeed, Samson has been gaining market share as well as visibility, especially across the USA, not least thanks to its unique tobacco blend, which is combined with the Turkish variety in a 50% proportion, rendering this otherwise, half-strength tobacco product, unique in flavour.

As a quality brand that is made of a blend that is mild, most smokers are bound to be satisfied by the taste and scent it gives them and this justifies why the brand is so loved and popular across the globe. In fact, many believe that its delicious taste, with slightly dark overtones and its alluring smell are far superior that those of other rolling tobacco brands which are also much more expensive than the Samson Halfzware Rolling Tobacco.  Besides its scent which gives out a rich, full bodied yet mellow aroma when lit, the Samson tobacco is cut in a medium size, which means that it can be used with the same easy and efficiency both in injection gadgets, along with pre-rolled filters, as well as by smokers who preferred to hand-roll manually.

When bought online, the Samson tobacco usually comes in a box containing five, individually sealed pouches, each holding 50 grams of the product. The brand’s logo is a lion and it features on all packaging both of the original version, as well as the lighter version, which is called Samson Golden Shag and still has the same quality and pleasant taste, but a mellower, subtler flavour and scent. Complimenting a cup of coffee equally well as an after-work drink, the Samson Halfzware Rolling Tobacco can be enjoyed throughout the day. Its loyal smokers appreciate and prefer it day in-day out not only because it is indeed a premium tobacco brand with a great yet subtle taste, but because, being reasonably priced, it doesn’t break the bank or harm their wallet as much.