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rothmans cigarettes price comparison

Named after their original manufacturer Louis Rothman, the Rothmans cigarette brand has been around since the late 1890s and has behind it a very long and illustrious history as a premium brand. In fact, the brand was so popular and highly regarded in the UK that it was granted a royal warrant in 1905. The brand is currently owned by British American Tobacco and its numerous variations are still sold in several countries across the globe, where it still has many loyal fans, although its popularity has admittedly decreased over the years. It remains however a high quality cigarette with a distinctively strong yet refined taste and aroma.

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Our price comparison table clearly shows you all the available varieties and the various quantities of the Rothmans cigarettes brand being sold by our featured vendors, allowing you to make your next purchase of Rothmans at the lowest possible price:


Product /StoreStore 1Store 2
Rothmans Blue King Size$44.49$47.99
Rothmans International$44.49$47.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Blue$58.49$61.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Red$58.49$61.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Silver$58.49$61.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Super Slims Blue$58.49$61.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Super Slims Silver$58.49$61.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Demislims Blue$60.49$63.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Demislims Silver$60.49$63.99
2 Cartons Rothmans Blue King Size$81.49$86.99
2 Cartons Rothmans International$81.49$86.99
3 Cartons Rothmans Blue King Size$120.49$128.99
3 Cartons Rothmans International$120.49$128.99
4 Cartons Rothmans Blue King Size$158.49$169.99
4 Cartons Rothmans International$158.49$169.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Blue$112.49$119.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Red$112.49$119.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Silver$112.49$119.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Super Slims Blue$112.49$119.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Super Slims Silver$112.49$119.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Demislims Blue$116.49$123.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Demislims Silver$116.49$123.99
6 Cartons Rothmans Blue King Size$209.49$224.99
6 Cartons Rothmans International$232.49$248.99
10 + 2 FREE Rothmans Blue King Size$390.49$425.99
10 + 2 FREE Rothmans International$433.49$472.99