Rothmans Cigarettes brand

rothmans cigarettes brand

Rothmans cigarettes are one of the brands with the longest history behind them, since they were first produced way back in 1890. The initial founder of their production company was a British man named Louis Rothman, who named the brand after his surname and began selling it from his shop located in the famous Fleet Street in the UK capital, London.  Aiming to please the smoking preferences of the British nobility and upper classes the Rothmans International cigarettes brand started gaining loyal fans and acclaim and in a few years’ time, specifically in 1905, King Edward VII granted the brand a royal warrant in recognition of its exceptional quality.

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It was therefore not surprising that by the start of the 20th century, the Rothmans brand of cigarettes gained increased visibility and it became one of the most easily recognized brands, also boasting high popularity in the markets of both Europe and the USA. In 1998 the Rothmans International company merged with British American Tobacco, which is the current owner of the brand. However, this has not affected the high quality of the cigarettes themselves, which still retain their distinctive taste which is a result of the superb tobacco blend used in their production. This high quality tobacco blend guarantees the satisfaction of smokers time and time again with every Rothman’s cigarette they lit, making their smoking experience truly exceptional. In fact the exclusive flavour of Rothmans cigarettes is particularly appealing to those smokers seeking a fuller, more robust flavour that can fully satisfy their tobacco graving in every inhalation.

Rothmans has nothing to envy from other premium cigarettes brands and it definitely has a quality that is on par with the rest, although its popularity appears to have somewhat subsided in recent years. In the past the brand was extremely popular party because it was actively involved in sponsoring motorsports in the 80’s and 90’s, when it had sponsored the  Rothmans-Porsche team , winning the World Sports Car Championship in 1985, the Opel Ascona 400 which won the 1982 World Rally Championship, as well as the Honda and subsequently the Williams team in F1 racing.  All these sponsorship deals had made the brand even more visible and helped it gain a lot of smokers amongst the fans of motorsports.

Being packaged in carefully designed and made robust packs that look and feel luxurious and matching the high quality of the brand they contain, the Rothmans family brand includes many variants of different potencies, covering a wide spectrum of smokers’ preferences. These variants include the Rothmans International Cigarettes, the Rothmans King Size Cigarettes, the Rothmans King Size Lights Cigarettes, the Rothmans Special Mild (Red) Cigarettes, the Rothmans Royals 120s Cigarettes and others.