Revamped look for Marlboro in the UK

new design fro Marlboro in the UK

The beginning of February brings with it the launching by Philip Morris Limited of new pack designs as well as specific product upgrades for the UK’s number one selling premium cigarette brand; Marlboro. The changes will affect all the brand’s varieties simultaneously, so smokers can expect a new and revamped look for the Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol.

Keeping the same superb quality and distinctive taste the packaging and design changes as well as filter improvements are indicative of the constant evolution of the brand, which has helped it over the years to maintain its dominant position in cigarettes markets, not only in the UK but across the globe.

The new packets of the various Marlboro types will still feature the iconic Marlboro chevron but will have a simpler, cleaner and more contemporary design with a soft touch finish, while they cigarettes will also feature new tipping paper designs, including a firm filter.

Speaking about the changes, Martin Inkster, who is the managing director of Philip Morris for the UK and Ireland, highlighted the fact that “Marlboro always leads the way and we have made the bold move to redesign the product to ensure that adult smokers get the most premium smoking experience possible.” Moreover, he stressed that the “new packaging sets us apart from the competition, strengthens Marlboro’s brand credentials, and most importantly, contains the world’s best-selling cigarette range. We have also added firm filters which offer quality you can feel, and a cleaner way to stub out your cigarette.”

However, Inkster clarified that “Although the iconic Marlboro brand is evolving, the taste is not changing,” adding that this message would be “communicated via our national field force, who are working directly with retailers to drive awareness, availability and market share.”

As Inkster pointed out “Marlboro has been the global No.1 since 1972 and is also the most recognised and asked for cigarette brand there is.” Therefore, as he mentioned “At a crucial time for retailers, we are investing in the brand to ensure it continues to deliver them good returns from the highly profitable premium segment.”