History of Philip Morris Company – Altria Group

Philip Morris Company - Altria Group
Philip Morris Company - Altria Group

Philip Morris USA

Currently under the ownership of the Altria Group as regards the US branch of its operations, Philip Morris USA ranks highly in the list of large American tobacco manufacturers. The man behind this company, Philip Morris himself was the son of German immigrants to London, where he was born in 1835. The Morris family set up their first tobacconist shop in 1847 and a few years later, in 1854 they started manufacturing their own cigarette. Its successful string began when the company was incorporated in New York in 1902 and started making cigarettes in the USA from its factory in Richmond, in the state of Virginia.  An innovator in many aspects it was a segregated employer much earlier before this became an obligatory practice by US law.

The group owns the top selling cigarette brand in the world which is the Marlboro brand, which has recorded huge success and sales volumes although, interestingly enough it was initially marketed towards women smokers instead of men.  Other American cigarette brands manufactured by Philip Morris USA include the Benson & Hedges, Parliament, Merit, Chesterfield, Alpine, Collector’s Choice, Basic, Bucks, Cambridge brands. Due to its expansion in other fields of economic activity such as for example the fields of wineries and breweries, the Philip Morris Group in the USA decided in 2003 to set up the Altria Group where all its tobacco related operations were transferred.

Philip Morris International

The international Philip Morris company is a separate entity, differentiated by the US based one. This venture is not run by the Altria group and it focuses in international markets and not the American market. In fact it does not even buy the tobacco it uses in manufacturing cigarettes from the USA any more.

Having met with huge success in terms of sales, Philips Morris International is the largest tobacco selling company in the world being traded in major Stock Exchanges and having huge company revenues as well as massive cigarette production quantities annually. Its global market share is expanded through the acquisition of several local tobacco manufacturers, such as for example the largest Indonesian tobacco manufacturing companies. Selling its numerous brands in over 200 countries across the globe, Philip Morris International maintains its headquarters in New York, but rubs its operations from Lausanne Switzerland, while its cigarette brands are manufacture in 50 different factories worldwide, providing employment to over 78,000 people.

Philip Morris international is the owner, manufacturer and promoter of a great variety of internationally renowned cigarette brands, among which are the top selling Marlboro brand as well as the Philip Morris brands. Other brands by this tobacco company include: Virginia Slims, John Player & Sons, Benson & Hedges, Peter Stuyvesant, Merit, Parliament, Chesterfield and Bond Street, to name but a few.