Parliament cigarettes brand

Parliament cigarettes brand

The Parliament brand of cigarettes, ever since its introduction to the US market in 1931, has being a flagship brand for its owner and manufacturer, the Philip Morris Tobacco Company. Having attained and still holding a strong market position and a dominant presence especially among the premium cigarette brands worldwide, the Parliament brand stands out mainly due to its distinctive flavor and its innovative and unique filtering system.

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The Parliament cigarettes offer smokers a sharp, tangy, yet mellow and pleasant flavor and sensation to smokers that greatly enhances the smoking experience. This is attributed to the distinctive recessed paper filters that are used in Parliament cigarettes, which are thought to be the first brand to ever introduce the “filter tip” in its manufacture. The innovative filtration system of the Parliament brand entails also the use of a piece of cotton, which is used in order to keep bits of tobacco away from entering the smoker’s lungs, during the process of smoke inhalation. In contrast to the solid foam filters used in most other cigarette brands, the recessed paper filters that used in the production of the Parliament brand ensure not only the better filtration of smoke but also enhanced staining prevention for the teeth of smokers, by keeping the extracted smoke away. By employing cutting edge technology and innovative techniques in terms of its production method, the Parliament brand has always managed to remain one step ahead of its competitors and always offer smokers a smoking experience that stands out.  Philip Morris has gone to great lengths to ensure that it strikes a perfect balance when manufacturing the Parliament cigarettes, giving them a soft and mild flavor that maintains its strength and potency in order to satisfy the demanding smoker.

Following their success in the domestic US market the Parliament brand was the first to be sold outside the American market since the mid 1970s. Ever since, they have managed to grow and expand, comfortably occupying a leading position among premium-segment brand cigarettes worldwide. Particularly popular in Japan, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, and more recently in Russia, it is also true that Parliament cigarettes were still not very well-known in the European markets at the beginning of the 21st century. This was redressed by a carefully crafted, small and focused campaign by Philip Morris, which helped the brand gain both recognition and market share in Europe as well, without tarnishing its image as a premium cigarette brand.