Pall Mall cigarettes brand

Pall Mall cigarettes brand
Pall Mall cigarettes brand

Pall Mall is a truly historical brand of cigarettes originally manufactured in 1899 by the British Butler & Butler tobacco company and aimed at capturing the preference and custom of those smokers belonging to a higher social class, through a cigarette of premium quality that was fittingly named after a high-class street in London. Today the Pall Mall cigarettes are manufactured and distributed within the United States by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, while their international production and distribution is done by British American Tobacco.

The first time the ownership of the Pall Mall brand changed hands was in 1907 when Butler & Butler was bought by American Tobacco. The history of the brand is market by the introduction of several innovations in the design and mass production of cigatettes, such as the 85 mm King Size length or a novel method of filling the cigarette’s paper cylinder rendering the end product smoother in taste, which were soon established as standards across the industry and adopted by other manufacturers.

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The hike of Pall Mall’s popularity as brand was recorded in the early 1960s, when this was the number one, best-selling cigarette in the U.S. only to lose the number one spot by the end of the decade to Winston cigarettes. However, Pall Mall continued to innovate and setting the standards for the tobacco industry, through the introduction of a  longer 100mm version of a cigarette to its range of products, a trend which was soon adopted by other manufacturers and becoming a standard for longer cigarettes in the market.

In the mid-1990s both the Pall Mall and Lucky Strike brands were bought by the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, which a decade later went on to merge with the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which continues until this day to manufacture and distribute Pall Mall in the U.S market, while the British American Tobacco company handles sales outside of the U.S.

Pall Mall is perhaps the most popular brand produced by the R.J Reynolds tobacco company, similarly popular as the Camel brand, while it is also the third most popular cigarette on a nationwide level across the United States, after first place Marlboro and second place Newport. Back in 2006 Pall Mall’s market share in the U.S. was only 1,95%, but this was increased to 7,95% in 2010, which in real numbers has meant an increase in the sales volume of 3.9 billion cigarettes per quarter. Marketing the Pall Mall cigarettes as a premium, high quality product, which, however, was sold at discount prices was the main reason behind this spectacular increase in sales figures.

Being manufactured in various different locations and distributed across the globe means that there is no consistency in the actual packaging of Pall Mall cigarettes, which come into different looking packets depending on the country they are purchased in. However, the lettering of the brand name remains the same in all regions, as a permanent feature that helps the brand to stand out and be recognized.