Online cigarettes: buy cheap, make money

earning money online cigarette industry

Rightfully or not, and I will refrain from taking any kind of ethical stance on the particular matter here, certain human activities such as gambling, drinking and smoking are considered vices, i.e. bad, wicked or even immoral.

However, all of the above, individually constitutes at the same time big business, one which flourishes especially during times of economic hardship, since when burdened by poverty most people seek emotional and physical relief and refuge in gambling, drinking and cigarettes.

I recently came across an article, detailing how 10 billionaires have actually made their fortune in the so called “Business of Vice”, i.e. through business ventures that primarily centre around alcohol and online and offline gambling. This amazing fact got me thinking that the other vice, smoking, was perhaps the most accessible and least dangerous way for the average person to make some serious cash thanks to one of the vices ….

Intrigued to find out more? Well, the proposition here is that courtesy of online cigarettes shopping that is nowadays easily available, you cannot only save on the money you would normally spend on smoking, but manage to earn hefty sums as well, if you are determined and proactive.

How is that possible? Well, the first thing you need to do is to find a trusted online cigarettes vendor that truly offers the best prices around, while at the same time selling good quality products and stocks enough, both in terms of quantities as well as the brand selection available.

A good trick here is to look for an online cigarettes vendor that offers a price match guarantee, meaning that they will match the lower price you are able to find on a particular product anywhere online! This will ensure that you will be truly buying at the lowest possible price for a pack or a packet of cigarettes, meaning the biggest possible saving for your pocket and the largest potential profit margin.

What does the last phrase imply? Well, you have guessed it right…though buying cigarettes online you cannot only buy cheap and spare some cash in your pocket, but you can also buy a wanted product at a low price and be then able to resell it to friends and acquaintances for a percentage profit that will still mean they are also paying less than they normally would, but will also allow you to fill your pockets as well.

If you think that this is a plan that is too risky or too much hassle, you can instead take advantage of the friend referral programs that many online cigarette vendors offer, some of them being particularly lucrative and offering real rewards, not just money off your own orders, but even if the end result is just being able to buy your own cigarettes for free because you referred many friends, then that would also be a substantial gain for your budget, especially if you are more than an occasional social smoker.

Last but not least, another way to make profits thanks to online cigarette transactions is by becoming an affiliate of a certain vendor and get commissions and rewards from them for making sales on their behalf. Instead of physically buying the cigarettes yourself and resell them, you can take advantage of your circle of people or even generate more traffic for a said vendor by building a dedicated online venue for this, or taking advantage of an existing page or venture you may already have. The deal here is simple, they have the product, they take care of shipment and all the rest of the hassle and you get your own piece of the action for gathering up customers for them.

Ok you may not feature on next year’s billionaire list, but I am certain that if one plays their cards right there is serious money to be had by correctly benefiting from online cigarettes vendors.

Let me know what you think, or better still, try out my suggestions and drop us a line to share how it went.