Old Holborn Rolling Tobacco

Old Holborn Hand Rolling Tobacco

Ever since its initial introduction to the market by the tobacco company Richard Lloyd & Sons, the Old Holborn rolling tobacco has been a favourite brand among smokers. Currently the brand is owned and made by a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco, namely the Gallagher Group. Those who roll their cigarettes using the Old Holborn claim that this is a unique experience, since this tobacco has a strong taste and a rich flavour coming out with every single cigarette you roll and smoke.

The smokers who prefer the Old Holborn rolling tobacco appreciate it not only due to the quality of the tobacco used, but mostly due to its very affordable selling prices and its various packaging size options available. A versatile brand aiming to offer something for every smoker, the Old Holborn rolling tobacco comes in four different varieties, namely the Blue, Yellow, White and Orange. The Old Holborn Blue variation contains the bright-leaf Virginia tobacco type, which is relatively mild, yet full bodied and strong, especially since Old Holborn Blue uses the dark variant of the Virginia tobacco, resulting in a robust and fulfilling smoking experience.

Made up of tobacco that is a balanced mixture of the finely cut Virginia and Burley tobacco types, the Old Holborn Yellow is milder that the Old Holborn Blue and boasts a distinct aroma and a pleasantly light flavour, leaving behind only smoking satisfaction and no bad aftertaste.

The White Old Holborn variation is even more light and mild than its Yellow counterpart, but still offers a delightful smoking experience, especially for those seeking a fresher, mellower taste in their rolled cigarette. Finally, the Orange Old Holborn variety is exceptionally aromatic and deliciously tasting, offering a light smoke that tastes, smells and feels less ordinary and it is a more particular variety, suitable for those who like to experiment with different flavours and sensations.