More cigarettes brand

More cigarettes brand

The More brand of cigarettes entered the U.S. market in June 1975 by its manufacturer the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, after a year of initial testing in Oklahoma City. Ever since, More cigarettes managed to become extremely popular and indeed they were the first cigarette brand to successfully bridge the gap between cigars and cigarettes. This was partly due to the fact that they were higher in tar and nicotine content than most other filter cigarettes, giving More cigarettes a much stronger flavour.  Currently, the R.J. Reynolds Company considers this brand a niche product, and therefore does not promote it any more, though advertising or any other means, although it still manufactures and sells it. However, it has handed out licenses to various other tobacco companies globally to make and sell this brand under the name More International. Therefore currently in the EU the brand is a product of JT International, while in the Philippines the license is held by Fortune Tobacco (PMFTC, Inc.). Moreover, licensed tobacco companies producing and selling the More brand can be also found in the Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, England, Malaysia, Thailand, Romania and Australia.

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Upon their launching in 1975 the More brand of cigarettes was oriented towards women smokers, especially since they were designed to be slimmer and longer than the rest of the cigarette brands. Featuring the slogan “Dare to be More” the first More cigarettes advertising was in fact picturing an elegant woman holding a brown More cigarette. The More International Red cigarettes were, thus the first brand to dare smokers to be different and seek to do so through the unique smoking experience they could have through More’s superior quality.

Indeed the popularity enjoyed by the More brand can be attributed to their unique, high-quality flavour, which is a result of the top quality raw materials being used in their production, giving each More cigarette a fuller, richer taste.  Smoking aficionados recognise that the More International Reds offer an unforgettable taste bursting with succulent aromatics, which are a real treat to the senses.

Being manufactured and sold under license from various different local tobacco companies, it is natural that the More brand has expanded to include many varieties, a recent example being the introduction of two new flavours of the 120mm More cigarettes in Canada, More Orange flavour and More Whiskey flavour! Besides the traditional More Red, which is the full flavour version, and the More Menthol, other popular varieties include the More Filters, More Balanced Blue, More Subtle Silver and the More Fine White. The More brand does, however also produce shorter versions of cigarettes, featuring the typical white wrapper and white or cork filters that can be found in most other conventional cigarette brands.