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more cigarettes price comparison

Their original manufacturer, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company, initially launched the More cigarettes brand in 1975 in an effort to offer a middle way, an alternative between regular cigarettes and cigars, by devising a product that contained higher nicotine and tar levels and also came with a much stronger flavour, taste and scent. Mostly targeting women smokers, who would fancy their slimmer, more slender look and the fine taste they had, the More brand has expanded largely since then, being manufactured and sold across the globe in a number of variations that are sure to please even the most demanding smoker out there. For more detailed information about this cigarette brand, you might like to read our special post on More Cigarettes.

Our price comparison table clearly shows you all the available varieties and the various quantities of the More cigarettes brand being sold by our featured vendors, allowing you to make your next purchase of More at the lowest possible price:


Product /StoreStore 1Store 2
More Red Regular 120’Mm$39.49$41.99
More Menthol 120’Mm$39.49$41.99
2 Cartons More Red Regular 120’Mm$72.49$76.99
2 Cartons More Menthol 120’Mm$72.49$76.99
3 Cartons More Red Regular 120’Mm$106.49$113.99
3 Cartons More Menthol 120’Mm$106.49$113.99
4 Cartons More Red Regular 120’Mm$140.49$150.99
4 Cartons More Menthol 120’Mm$140.49$150.99
6 Cartons More Red Regular 120’Mm$205.49$194.99
6 Cartons More Menthol 120’Mm$205.49$194.99
10 + 2 FREE More Menthol 120’Mm$384.49$413.99
10 + 2 FREE More Red Regular 120’Mm$384.49$413.99