The merits of buying cheap Pall Mall cigarettes online

buy cheap pall mall cigarettes

Rightly considered one of the two growth brands of its manufacturer, the R.J. Reynolds company, along with Camel, the Pall Mall brand continues its long and successful journey as a leading cigarette brand with millions of loyal fans across the globe. Over the past more than 110 years since its initial launching back in 1899 has introduced many innovations that have enabled it to stand out from competitive brands and give it an extra edge. In fact, the Pall Mall brand was the first to introduce “king-size” (85 millimeter) cigarette in 1939. However, an even more important innovation came in 1966 when the Pall Mall brand launched the first 100-millimeter cigarette, meaning that its smokers could get more value without extra cost.

Pall Mall is a brand that respects the needs and expectations of smokers, who demand a quality tobacco product that not only offers them an exceptional taste, flavour and aroma and a prestigious image and style but also takes into account their price sensitivities. Within this framework, in 2001, the brand was re-launched as the “new filtered” Pall Mall, being sold at a lower price point. Moreover, currently all the variants that belong to the Pall Mall brand family are packed tightly with premium tobacco and are also slow burning, thus ensuring a longer-lasting smoking experience.

The fact that during the past few years, Pall Mall has been the fastest growing cigarette brand in the United States is proof that smokers appreciate and reward the fact that with Pall Mall they get an exceptionally smoothly tasting cigarette at a price that is equally attractive.

If you are a Pall Mall cigarettes smoker you can achieve even more savings and end up buying your next Pall Mall cigarettes packet for much less and more cheaply, if you decide to do so online. For a comprehensive analysis on why the online purchase of Pall Mall cigarettes is the best option for those wishing to buy cheap Pall Mall cigarettes, read our articles on  “Why you should buy cigarettes online” and “The benefits of purchasing cigarettes online”.

Indeed, the merits of shopping for cheap Pall Mall cigarettes are wide and varied and some of them will be presented below. The difficult part when buying online is choosing the right online store to shop from and without expert advice and assistance this could be process that would demand a lot of time and effort from a smoker, simply due to the vast numbers of online cigarettes stores that exist.

However, smokers should not despair because there is a simple way to find out which stores are actually worth your while and can be trusted to shop from. Instead of visiting the sites of each individual vendor on your own and trying to sift through tons of information, it is much easier and faster to refer to the purposely built rankings, reviews and comparison tables that evaluate the offering of each store according to specific criteria and benchmarks, and can work as a one stop shop when it comes to finding the best online cigarettes shops from where to buy your cheap Pall Mall cigarettes. To access the table that we have compiled, please click on the screenshot below:


online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews
Online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews. Click to access the full table.


So, having indicated that finding a trusted online cigarettes vendor can be easy and straightforward, let us now turn to a great merit of online shopping when looking for cheap Pall Mall cigarettes. If you were to search for cheap Pall Mall cigarettes offline, at normal shops, then finding who sells Pall Mall for the cheaper price would entail actually physically visiting each store to be able to find out the price and compare it. In the case of shopping for cheap Pall Mall cigarettes online however, the price comparison for the Pall Mall brand between various vendors is a piece of cake, thanks to price comparison tables that bring together the different prices offered by various online stores for different quantities and for all the variants of the Pall Mall brand that they stock. We believe that we have done a great job when compiling our price comparison table, but you can judge for yourself by clicking below to access it:


Compare Pall Mall cigarettes price
Compare Pall Mall cigarettes price online and locate the store that sells their favourite cigarettes at the lowest price.


Another advantage of buying cheap Pall Mall cigarettes online is the fact that most online vendors often feature special offers, discounts, vouchers, coupons and codes that mean that each purchase can lost you even less. This is a very good opportunity for further savings when attempting to buy cheap Pall Mall cigarettes and we strongly advise you to look out for such offers and make full use of them when ordering online. To find out more about this subject, read our post on Free cigarette coupon discount codes.

Moreover, online cigarettes purchases allow you to buy in bulk achieving further savings and also give you the chance to qualify for the free shipping of your cigarettes, which reduces the cost even further.

Last but not least, buying cheap Pall Mall cigarettes online means that you can shop from the comfort of your own home, without having to leave your armchair simply by using your computer and your cheap Pall Mall cigarettes will safely arrive at your doorstep a few days later, just like that!