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Lorillard Inc. logo

Currently Lorillard, Inc., holds the position of the third largest cigarettes manufacturer in the United States, through its subsidiary the Lorillard Tobacco Company, but in fact it holds another record which is much more noteworthy, being since its foundation back in the year 1760 operating constantly, rendering it unboundedly the oldest continuously operating tobacco company in the United States.

The company headquarters are located in the town of Greensboro in North Carolina, where its main production facility can also be found. With nationwide operations in most US states as well as presence in Puerto Rico, Lorillard produces various popular cigarette brands, such as Kent, True, Old Gold, Maverick, Satin and Max. However, the company’s flagship product, which records the highest sales from all its brands and is responsible for the huge majority of company sales revenue (in fact more than 80%) is the menthol cigarette brand of Newport. Newport sits comfortably on the number one position in terms of sales of menthol cigarettes in the USA, while being the second most popular brand overall in the United States.

Overall, Lorillard manufacture and promote 41 different products, with variations in their taste, flavor, packaging and of course their prices, which however all come under the five major brands of the company, which besides the Newport family are  the Kent, True, Maverick, and Old Gold brand names. Lorillard only operates in the domestic US market since it decided to sell its major trademarks outside of the United States in 1977, however its products are also sold in certain overseas U.S. possessions and territories.

A successful venture recording healthy numbers both in terms of production output, net sales and net income, Lorillard caters for all segments of the domestic market since it not only produces high quality premium brands, which are sold at higher prices, but also discount brands, which are less popular and less well recognized by are sold at lower retail prices. Seeking to further consolidate its position in the competitive tobacco industry Lorillard managed to acquire in April 2012 the leading electronic cigarette company in the U.S., blue cigs.