L&M cigarettes brand

L&M cigarettes brand
L&M cigarettes brand

The L&M in the in L&M cigarettes brand is actually the acronym of this brand’s original producer, which was the Ligget & Myers company, which in fact was a partnership formed in 1873 between the J.E Ligget and Brother company and George Smith Myers. Interestingly enough, the J.E Ligget and Brother company was the first tobacco manufacturer to create blended cigarettes back in 1869. The L&M brand of cigarettes however were launched several years after the formation of the company, in 1953.

The brand soon gained high popularity in the domestic US market due to its premier quality, but aided also by a rigorous promotional campaign with famous stars such as Rosalind Russell, Fredric March and Barbara Stanwyck starring in its commercials. The domestic success was the reason why the brand’s manufacturers decided to launch it in the international market, where it has enjoyed a similar success, currently being one of the most popular brands in northern and central Europe, Latin America, the Arab World and South Asia as well as the Far East.

L&M changed ownership as a brand several times, first being sold to the Vector group, who then sold it on in 1999 to Philip Morris Inc. Following the restructuring of the Philip Morris company and the passing of its tobacco related activities to the Altria Group in 2003, L&M cigarettes became the Altria Group’s second largest selling brand.

When the “L&M” brand first appeared in the tobacco market, it was promoted as American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter. As a result, L&M was regarded at the time of its original launching as one of the earliest filtered brands. Its popularity in the domestic US market witnessed a new increase in 2007, when the brand was revamped and re-launched in the domestic market. During the press conference on this occasion it was also announced that L&M occupied the third place in the world in terms of sales volume.

Following the introduction of stricter regulations in the labelling of cigarettes in Europe as well as in the US, the light version of L&Ms was renamed L&M blue label. Besides the original full taste version of L&M Red Label and the L&M Blue Label, the L&M brand also comes in other varieties such as the L&M Silver Label, the L&M Mixx Slims and the L&M Vibe Slims, each variety having a different nicotine level content and flavour strength. The big variety of cigarette versions ensures that all smokers will find a cigarette to suit them, with the L&M Vibe Slims being particularly intended for and liked by women smokers for projecting an image of elegance.