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Popular all around, but mostly within the African American smokers community, the Kool brand of mentholated cigarettes have been around since 1933, when they were firstly introduced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. They were originally marketed as non-filtered, regular sized cigarettes, but the Kool family brand has since expanded to include other variations, aiming to satisfy the changing demands of menthol cigarette lovers. Nicely packed and made with a balanced combination of quality normal tobacco and a zesty and fresh menthol flavor, the Kool brand of cigarettes promises a fully satisfying smoking experience to all its loyal consumers all over the world. For more detailed information about this cigarette brand, you might like to read our special post onĀ Kool Cigarettes.

Our price comparison table clearly shows you the available varieties and quantities of the Kool cigarettes brand being sold by our featured vendors, allowing you to make your next purchase of Kool at the lowest possible price:


Product /StoreStore 1Store 2
Kool Menthol King Size$41.99$45.99
2 Cartons Kool Menthol King Size$76.99$82.99
3 Cartons Kool Menthol King Size$113.99$113.99
4 Cartons Kool Menthol King Size$150.99$161.99
6 Cartons Kool Menthol King Size$220.99$167.99
10 + 2 FREE Kool Menthol King Size$413.99$323.99