Kent cigarettes brand

Kent cigarettes brand

Currently owned, manufactured and marketed by the British American Tobacco company, the Kent brand of cigarettes was originally a product that was introduced by the Lorillard Tobacco Company. In fact they were even named after the top executive of this company back in 1952, a man named Herbert Kent. Still a very popular brand by all accounts and measures, the Kent brand was an instant success immediately after its launching mainly to its claim that it was a safer cigarette to smoke, that went down really well with the smoking public back then, which had just started to become more sensitive about the detrimental effects of smoking on their health and were seeking for less harmful ways to keep up the habit.

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The Kent brand has always stand out due to its filter. Back when it was originally launched, it was the mere fact that it had one that made it differ from most other brand which then were unfiltered. Then it was in the midst of much controversy since it contained asbestos that proved carcinogenic. This lead to need for the creation of a new charcoal filter that would be safe for smokers. This was done and the brand now features an activated carbon filter that plays a big role in the resulting refined taste of this particular cigarette brand. Kent played a lot on the fact that its filter actually decreases the intake of tar and nicotine for smokers, thus rendering a “safer” brand to smoke. However, their pure and mild taste, which is a result of the fact that the tobacco blend used in Kent cigarettes is additive free, is not their only strongpoint, since the Kent brand also comes packaged in packs that look and feel very trendy and elegant, adding further prestige to the smoker that selects them.

Besides the regular type known as the Kent Blue and containing 8mg of nicotine, the brand is also available in other varieties of lesser potency and different type. The most prominent amongst these are the mellower Kent Gold and Kent Silver, containing 1mg and 4 mg of nicotine respectively. These lighter versions of the Kent brand, which bear significantly smaller amounts of nicotine and tar, still offer an exquisite taste and aroma that does not deprive one from the pleasant experience of smoking. The innovative filtering system used in all the varieties of Kent cigarettes ensures no bad aftertaste, while it also enhances the taste and reduces the harmful substances that one inhales.

Due to its quality the Kent brand has loyal aficionados all over the world, especially in Eastern Europe. What smokers particularly appreciate is also the fact that this brand can be bought, especially when shopping online, at exceptionally reasonable prices, rendering it a wise choice of cigarette brand to prefer, since it combines quality and affordability.