The most honest buying cigarettes online customer testimonial you will ever read

buying cigarettes online customer testimonial

Dear Peter,

I took the liberty of writing you this letter and I do hope that you will publish it on because I believe that other smokers out there might find my own experience and views useful and interesting to read.

First off let me congratulate you for the good work and the great tips you share with the community of smokers through this online guide. I am also grateful to you because after reading several posts on your site, I was finally persuaded to start ordering cigarettes online and with the benefit of hindsight, I can know say that this was a very smart decision to take.

But before sharing my story, let me say a bit about myself to put what will follow into the right context: I am an ordinary man, middle-aged, white collar job, a decent income, a low-profile, law abiding citizen. Ever since my late teenage years I had started smoking and have kept up the habit, mostly because it relaxes me. I know that smoking may increase various health hazards but I make sure to lead a pretty healthy lifestyle overall, so I allow myself the little mischief of a couple of packs of cigarettes every week. After all, since I respect those around me and don’t smoke in public places or in front of children etc, I feel that I have every right to enjoy a cigarette since it is something that pleases me.

Up until recently I was buying all my cigarettes from my local shop. I was always frustrated to be called to pay the ridiculously high price of a pack of cigarettes but had never dared to look for alternate supply sources. What was holding me back was not the fear of being tricked by a crook salesperson or ending up with cigarettes of a lesser quality. My reservations were more based on ethical inhibitions. As a law-abiding patriot, I was somehow convinced that it was my duty to pay the high taxes on cigarettes imposed by the authorities, that looking to buy from other sources and avoid paying the high taxation would be treacherous and amoral as a behavior. And the arguments of those in favor of high taxes on cigarettes sounded logical and plausible to my head, I was convinced that it was ok to be expected of me to pay a high tax, as a punishment for smoking, for the extra money to be funding anti-smoking campaigns, health programs or other noble causes such as schools and playgrounds.

However, after hitting a down turn in my personal finances due to an unforeseen change in my circumstances, I gradually started thinking more about these issues. Being under stress made me crave more for a cigarette and the increase in consumption meant an even heavier burden for my pocket. I was not prepared to quit smoking but was increasingly realizing that the steep price of cigarettes was making my habit unsustainable.

Out of job for a period and with more time in my hands I had the chance to learn more about how big the tax burden smokers are called to pay is. In the past I had not realized exactly how many different kinds of taxes are included in the normal retail price and that me and other smokers like me where called each time to pay a federal tax, a state tax and also a local tax, often more than one tax of each kind. I was even more appalled to find out that more than 50% of the price of pack actually went to taxes and that in some other countries, this percentage is even higher and may be even 80%!

I think that was the turning point in my mentality, as I thought that I was allowed to put my wants, my desires, my needs and the best interest of my own pocket above any ethical and abstracted considerations. I had a right to smoke and also a right to be able to do so at a price that was reasonable and not double what I had to be paying because some government official had decided that I had to be punished for deciding as an adult, in a democratic, free country to inhale some nicotine!!!

And that was when I started searching online for reliable and good quality alternative supply sources for cigarettes. The first time I ordered online was the hardest one, as some concerns and ethical worries were still messing with my head, however I was also curious by that time to see if the attempt would work and if I would truly be able to get the brand I wanted delivered to my doorstep at less than have the price I would normally had to pay for it.

In the end it all went like a breeze: ordering online was easy, the cigarettes arrived promptly and safely and were of excellent quality and luckily they were also discreetly packaged, so my neighbors could not tell what the package contained.

Ever since I am a very satisfied and loyal customer of a particular online cigarette shop and have also started encouraging other smokers I know to prefer to buy their cigarettes online. This world is far from prefect, far from fair and far from angelic and after realizing this all my inhibitions and sense of guilt about “deceiving” my country because I no longer allow them to over tax every pack I smoke have long gone.

So thanks again Peter for writing all the useful, interesting and truly eye-opening posts convincing me to start buying cigarettes online and helping me to overcome my reservations and previously held convictions. And double thanks for trying out and recommending some great shops to order from, such as, because my experience with them thus far has been impeccable.

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