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Golden Virginia rolling Tobacco price comparison

Manufactured in the UK by Imperial Tobacco and being marketed and sold in more than 35 different markets across the globe, predominantly in Western Europe, the Golden Virginia brand of hand-rolling tobacco is number 1 in sales in the UK and very popular elsewhere. Smokers especially appreciate its high quality and fresh and smooth taste and flavour, as this finely cut tobacco brand is made up of a unique blend of three different tobacco types, namely Virginia, burley and oriental, giving the cigarettes being rolled with this brand a fine taste and aroma. For more information about this cigarette brand, you might like to read our previous post on Golden Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco.

Our price comparison table clearly shows you all the available varieties and the various quantities of the Golden Virginia tobacco brand being sold by our featured vendors, allowing you to make your next purchase of Golden Virginia tobacco at the lowest possible price:


Product /StoreStore 1Store 2
Golden Virginia Cigarette Tobacco 50 Grams (5 Packs)$37.49$39.99