Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco

Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco

Stemming from the UK and a product of the Imperial Tobacco company, the Golden Virginia rolling tobacco has travelled a long way since its initial launching back in 1877. Initially sold only to the local UK population, the brand took advantage of the growth in the demand for hand-rolling tobacco over the years, managing to be listed today comfortably among the three most popular and highest selling rolling tobacco brands, with a solid presence in the tobacco markets of over 30 different countries across the globe and mainly in Europe.

Indeed, besides being finely cut and using a tobacco blend of high quality, harmonically blending and mixing three types of tobacco, namely the bright-leaf Virginia, oriental and burley tobacco types, thus resulting in a satisfying and characteristically sweet taste and smell that is still full bodied, perhaps the greatest key to success of this tobacco brand was its willingness and ability to adapt itself to meet the changing demands of smokers who prefer hand rolling. As a result of its constant updating and re-inventing procedure the brand has managed to meet with constant growth and avoid stagnation in terms of popularity and sales volumes. Moreover, its big share in the European market is also partly attributed to the decision to launch in 2009 a mellower version of the brand, called Golden Virginia Yellow, which differs from the original Green version of the brand because it uses a different tobacco blend, consisting almost exclusively of the Virginia tobacco type and resulting in a taste that is subtler and smoother on the throat and nose.

The fact that this brand has a presence in the tobacco market of such a big number of different countries has affected its packaging, in the sense that it comes in various quantity sizes in an attempt to cater for the needs of the diversified smokers base that have it as their brand of choice across the globe. Consequently, the Golden Virginia rolling tobacco can be bought in the various countries in pouches containing 12.5g, 25g, 30g, 40g or 50g of fine quality tobacco. Taking into account the fact that the prolonged exposition of rolling tobacco to air adversely affects the quality of the tobacco and thus the smoking experience, since it dries it out and it becomes difficult to roll and unpleasant to smoke, the manufacturers of Golden Virginia go to great lengths in order to ensure that the adhesive used on the brand’s packaging is of high quality so that it will be long-lasting and effective in keeping the pouch airtight.


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