Golden Gate cigarettes brand

Golden Gate cigarettes brand logo
Golden Gate cigarettes brand logo

The rationale behind the decision of well-established cigarette manufacturer Imperial Tobacco Co. to launch the Golden Gate cigarette brand as its latest offering to smokers around the world, was based on the need to satisfy the expectations of smoking lovers, which evolve as time goes by and as the industry expands. The competitive environment of the cigarettes market makes smokers more prepared to try out new brands as well as the renewed versions of the existing ones.

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As is the case with the rest of the brands in the mid-price segment produced by Imperial Tobacco, the Golden Gate brand offers smokers a superb quality and taste. Marketed in two varieties, the Golden Gate Red and the Golden Gate Blue, this particular brand has managed to gain popularity and recognition climbing high on the list of global cigarettes sales, although they were initially intended as cigarettes for the average consumer.

The Golden Gate brand belongs to the American blend types of cigarettes, since they are manufactured using a blend of Virginia and Burley tobacco. The tobacco is blended and processed through innovative methods which enhance the taste and give the Golden Gate brand a smooth flavour, an inviting aroma and a distinct identity.

The rich taste and flavour of the Golden Gate cigarettes reveals that this brand has nothing to envy from other well established and popular premium brands such as Marlboro, Camel and Dunhill. One of the great assets of the Golden Gate brand is the use of innovative technologies in the making of its filter system, which combines the traditional charcoal filter with an innovative ventilated acetate filter. This unique filtering system absorbs a higher percentage of the hazardous ingredients contained in cigarettes, than the filters used in other brands manufactured by other companies.

Besides the quality of the tobacco and the effectiveness of the filtering system, Imperial Tobacco has also paid much attention to the “look” of the brand, creating an attractive packaging for the Golden Gate cigarettes, which fittingly depicts the legendary Golden Gate Bridge.