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Online Cigarette stores E-Check Payments

Today our editorial Team of buy-cheap-cigarettes.com will be concentrated on another frequently asked question by our readers, the E-check payment method. It seems that lately more and more people are coming across the word “electronic check” among the payments options offered by an online cigarette shop they are just about to make a purchase of their favorite cigarette brand. Surprisingly enough E-Check as few of you most probably already rightly guessed, is nothing more than just a digital version of their traditional paper checks. Like your traditional paper checks the E-Check s has the information needed for the bank to process a payment for a certain purchase over the internet (i.e. funds are drawn from your checking account) without the involvement of a credit or debit card which is of course a much more known method and I am pretty sure that everybody is familiar with that.

So let’s see what we should know till now:

An E-Check is the electronic version or representation of a paper check that

  • contains the same information as paper checks contain
  • is based on the same rich legal framework as paper checks
  • can be used in any and all remote transactions where paper checks are used today
  • enhance the functions and features provided by bank checking accounts
  • expand on the usefulness of paper checks by providing value-added information

How do E-Check s work? E-Check s work the same way a check does.

  • The payee “writes” the E-Check using one of many types of electronic devices and “gives” the E-Check to the online store is about to make a purchase electronically.
  • The payee “deposits” the Electronic Check, receives credit, and the payee’s bank “clears” the E-Check to the paying bank.
  • The paying bank validates the E-Check and then “charges” the check writer’s account for the check.

How to use an E-Check when buying cheap cigarettes from an online store

All you need to do is try to make a cigarette purchase and then when you are at the stage where you need to select a payment method in case there are multiple options click on the E-check and then fill all the required information (routing number, account number, bank name, etc) and complete successfully your online cigarette order.


Electronic check  Online Tobacco / Cigarette industry
Figure 1: Electronic check


Please use extra caution once you are about to fill in your Checking Account Number and Bank Routing Number. You’ll be able to find those numbers at the bottom of one of your normal checks (traditional paper checks). Please make sure that you are not making the common mistake of using the numbers of your debit card or a deposit slip. Routing number is a 9-digit number that is representing your bank (i.e. the specific bank of each customer that would provide the payment). The account number is typically the number that is following the Routing number and is usually an 8-digit number but in some rare cases its length may vary. It is wise in case you still have any doubts of what numbers you should fill in, before submitting your payment to contact your bank to clarify and avoid any confusion and misunderstandings.

A customer should be aware that those kinds of Payments are never automatically deducted from the checking/savings account.

After completed the above procedure just to wait until your bank will send a digital check to the cigarette store bank, and once the E-Check clears, your order will be executed and you will be notified about your order status change. You will be given an order number and your products will be delivered once the check is fully funded.

Can USA customers Use E-Checks to buy cigarettes online?

USA customers should not have any problem with their payments through electronic checks. As we already mentioned above E-Checks payments are processed exclusively by U.S. banks. This electronic version of regular checks is predominantly used by American and Canadian smokers, but with so many online discount tobacco stores that accept e-check available at the moment, customers from around the globe are warming to the idea of using the electronic version of paper checks.

Why E-check payment method is so popular among Online Cigarettes Industry?

  1. Credit Card Companies Restrictions over online Cigarette sales

The popularity of E-check payment method among the Tobacco industry shouldn’t come as a surplice if we consider that in 2005 all the major credit card companies and yes that includes VISA and MasterCard manage to come into an agreement with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and state Attorneys General across the United States of America. This agreement was initially design as a measure against illegal sale of cigarettes or any other Tobacco products over the internet. It’s obvious that federal government has pressured the bankcard industry in an attempt to collect taxes from online tobacco companies that were not taxing their customers. Although at the beginning the whole concept had a primarily focus mostly on online cigarette sales soon expanded for other forms of tobacco products including Cigars and in some extends electronic cigarettes as well. Credit Card Companies not only adapt certain policies in order to prevent the use of credit cards when it comes to tobacco products over the internet but also agreed to investigate and take action against internet sellers that are using their cards for that reason. Due to those restrictions by the bankcard industry, it’s a violation of Association policy for any processor to process tobacco products online with a credit card. It does not matter if the account is based offshore, if a processor blatantly violates bankcard Association rules, they will get shut down or lose their license to operate. This is definately not a sign of a Stable Company or store and as we have covered it extensively in the past those indications would help us to Avoid Bad Companies and online cigarette store scams.

  1. Security and Reliability

Although many internet cheap cigarette stores implement credit card purchases before the Credit Card Companies Restrictions over online Cigarette sales, this is a high risk form of payment. As many of you are already aware Credit Cards nowadays can be compromised very easily and that means that your card is at risk and can be used to complete fraudulent purchases. Credit Cards may be compromised due to either a computer theft or any other type of suspicious activity.

The safe and a much more secure form of payment used on many legitimate online cigarette stores are E-Check or Electronic Check. E-Checks are the most secure payments instrument or transaction (even the Federal Government uses it for issuing and receiving payments) ever designed ensuring the safety of customers banking and personal information. To achieve that maximum level of E-Checks security different techniques have been implemented: duplicate detection and encryption, public key cryptography, certificate authorities, digital signatures just to name a few. Even in the unlikely event of breaking the cryptographic protections, additional banking practices enhance by E-Checks prevent any a fraudulent transaction to be paid.

To sum Up the majority of online cigarette stores are using E-Checks as their only payment method as

  • Electronic Check payment method is much more reliable and safer comparing to credit card payments.
  • Payments that are made with Electronic Checks are processed exclusively by U.S. banks. As a result any issues regarding a possible processing by an offshore bank will be avoided.
  • The number of rejected orders when it comes to E-Check processing is much lower comparing to the number of orders paid with credit cards.