E-Cigarettes Among Britain’s Fastest Growing Products in 2014

E-Cigarettes Among Britain's Fastest Growing Products 2014

Data released by the global information and insights company Nielsen concerning the sales of various products in supermarkets in the United Kingdom for the year 2014, reveal an interesting picture about the tobacco industry in the UK market.

More specifically, the news is great for electronic cigarettes vendors, since, according to Nielsen, the volume sales of electronic cigarettes were up almost 50% in 2014. In fact the data shows that e-cigarettes were the fastest growing product in the United Kingdom’s supermarkets by sales volume, since their volume sales were up by 49.5% year-over-year, followed by sports nutrition bars, powders and shakes (up by 42.8%).

Perhaps not surprisingly and in line with this remarkable increase in the sales of cigarettes, the volume sales of nicotine replacement products such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum have recorded a significant decline of 6.1%.

Moreover, 2014 was another bad year for traditional cigarettes sales since their volumes continued their long downward trend, recording a noteworthy decrease of 2.2%. However, in an interesting twist, the sales of rolling tobacco in 2014 increased by 4.4%, something which perhaps signifies that an ever growing number of smokers, who choose to stick to the habit and the flavour and aroma of actual tobacco, resort to rolling their own cigarettes in order to try and save on the excessive cost of the ready-made, manufactured cigarettes, which is mostly the result of government imposed taxes and dues.