What is duty-free cigarettes online?

duty-free cigarettes online
duty-free cigarettes online

The first definition we should give in this post is to explain what the term “duty free” actually means. Duty free products are those on which no tax, fee or other levy is imposed by the pertinent authorities, i.e. the government of each country.  Duty free product sellers are therefore able to pass this saving on to the consumers, who in turn obtain the various products at heavily discounted, bargain prices.

In the past, the traditional way of acquiring duty free goods, including cigarettes and tobacco products, was at the duty free shops located at all international airports, where smokers could save a lot of money for each carton bought. Bear in mind however the various restrictions in place, limiting the amount that each customer could actually buy. With the onset of online shopping through the internet that means that he whole world can now be a single huge marketplace, smokers can now order duty free cigarettes online without having to travel abroad in order to buy tax free tobacco products.

The online cigarette stores are able to avoid paying for the high tax and other duties imposed locally on cigarette and tobacco products because the ship the products from tax free warehouses and they benefit from the existence of different tax regimes in each country, thus managing to offer prices without the tax, resulting in much lower prices for the smokers who order their tax free cigarettes online.  In a nutshell, ordering cheap tax free cigarettes online is a method to avoid the taxes imposed locally by your government, leading to substantial savings in the price you pay for your cigarettes.

Tax free cigarettes rules and regulations

Because the tax free cigarettes that you order online through the dedicated online stores are shiiped to your destination via mail, there are certain post office rules in each destination that have to be followed and which bind this type of transaction. As a general rule such regulations entail that the cigarettes are intended solely for personal consumption and there is a ban in reselling or commercially exploiting tax free cigarettes in any way.

However, any smoker that is considering to buy duty and tax free cigarettes online should always remember that the relevant laws are being amended frequently and make sure that he/she is aware of the exact regulations that are currently in place in their location, so as to avoid any problems with the law and any nasty surprises.

Expect Substantial Savings

All online vendors of duty free tobacco products, including tax free cigarettes, sell all the popular as well as the less popular brands. By selling the products of the leading world cigarette producers, such as British American Tobacco and the Philip Morris companies, these online stores can supply you with cigarettes of premium quality or at least quality that is in par with your local physical store, but at amazingly lower prices, since they do pay or charge for the tax. Thus your next carton of Marlboros, Camels or Winston will actually cost you much less.

An added bonus is that most well established cigarette manufacturers, especially since the tightening of the rules on tobacco product advertising and promotion, choose to launch their new brands over the internet first, through online shops, in an attempt to test the market and the reaction of the consumers before introducing a new product in the open market through the traditional shops. This means that, through online cigarette shopping you can be one of the first people to sample and try out newer brands that are not available anywhere else.

Because there are significant variations in the price of cigarettes from country to country it is difficult to calculate exactly how much you do save by ordering tax free cigarettes online, however an average saving in the range of 35-60% less than the normal retail price should be typically expected. It is therefore obvious that for a regular smoker this percentage represents a substantial amount of savings in the required monthly budget for cigarettes.

Let us consider a real life situation of a smoker in a US state, who is called to pay an additional $40 per carton as federal tax when buying a carton of genuine Marlboro, Winston or Camel cigarettes of any variety from his local shop. This amount is waved when the same smoker purchases the same brand from one of the online duty free cigarette stores, therefore the seclusion of the tax in the price makes those Marlboros, Winstons or Camels much cheaper when bought online rather than in the normal shop.

Another reason for the difference in the price you are called to pay is the fact that normal shops have overhead costs to enable their smooth operation and they increase the price of the cigarettes they pay in order to cover these costs as well. An online store on the other hand can operate at a much lesser cost and thus its prices are not increased to cover its running expenses. Indeed you spent the time to compare the retail prices of cigarettes in a high street shop with those of the same brand and quality cigarette from an online vendor of tax free tobacco products, you will be amazed to find huge price discrepancies, with the savings through online cigarette buying as high as 80% off the retail price. This is also due to the fact that most online cigarette vendors offer special discount coupons and other bargains as part of their marketing strategy and taking advantage of such offers means you buy your cigarettes at unbeatable prices.

How can I order tax free cigarettes online?

Ordering your tax free cigarettes online has been made much easier through our guide. Check out our professionally done reviews and locate the store you would like to buy from and which offers the brand you are after at the best price. Then simply place your order, make the payment and wait for your cigarettes to arrive at your doorstep. The shops we feature in our reviews are all reliable and trustworthy, they sell quality brands, employ effective shipping methods and possess good customer care departments in order to satisfy all your needs.

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