Dunhill cigarettes brand

Dunhill cigarettes brand
Dunhill cigarettes brand

Marketed internationally under the successful slogan “Internationally acknowledged to be the finest cigarettes in the world,” Dunhill cigarettes are a world favourite luxury cigarette brand, which is manufactured by British American Tobacco, the second largest tobacco company in the world. Since its initial launching in England back in 1907, the Dunhill cigarette brand has travelled a long way and its currently recognized, loved and sought after everywhere in the world, in Europe, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa etc.

The Dunhill brand was created from the beginning as a luxury brand aimed by its creator, a tobacco store owner named Dunhill, to fulfil the smoking needs and preferences of the British aristocratic elite. Establishing new and higher standards in cigarette production in order to satisfy his distinguished customers, Dunhill used the best Virginia tobacco available and delivered a product with a refined taste and unique qualities making it particularly enticing for smoking aficionados, seeking to enjoy an exquisite smoking experience time and time again.

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The range of products in the Dunhill brand family of cigarettes is made up of several varieties, such as the Dunhill Top Leaf, the three different types of Dunhill Fine Cut and the 4 different types of Dunhill King Size. The Dunhill Top Leaf variation is made from wrapper of Virginia tobacco, giving it its distinctively bright taste and aroma. What differentiates the Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes from other cigarettes is the fact they are made from thinner cut tobacco. In fact the tobacco leaf is cut two times thinner than in ordinary cigarettes. In addition, a pack of Dunhill Fine Cut also features a catchy design, becoming more attractive and looking more luxurious due to the usage of pearl paper, embossing and a monogram of Dunhill on the coal-filter of the cigarette.  However, all the different Dunhill cigarette varieties share a flawless taste and a really alluring flavour.