Drum Rolling Tobacco

Drum Hand Rolling Tobacco

The Drum rolling Tobacco is marketed under the claim that it is the “Most Popular Rolling Tobacco in the World.” Indeed, it is considered by many as the most premier rolling tobacco in the international market. What is most interesting about this brand is that it has a long and complicated history which started in Holland with its original manufacturer the Douwe Egberts company. This company was acquired by another firm called Sara Lee, which subsequently decided to sell off its tobacco-related operations to British based Imperial Tobacco which has since taken over the production of the Drum brand in Europe and the rest of the world. However, in an interesting twist, in the US and North American markets Drum rolling tobacco is manufactured by a company named Republic Tobacco, situated in Glenview, Illinois. This duality in the production in two different locations results in the existence of products bearing the Drum name and logo but being greatly different in their flavour, because although they use the same harvest methods and tobacco blend, they are cured using different techniques. The European production units in the UK and Holland still use the ancient method of barrel curing, while the North American plant employs fire and air curing methods through the use of modern technology and innovative techniques.

As a brand Drum offers smokers who prefer to hand roll their cigarettes a wide array of tobacco varieties to chose from, varying in potency, taste and flavour and destined to satisfy all kinds of preferences and tastes. The most commonly available kinds of Drum tobacco, sold worldwide are Drum Original, Drum Bright Blue, Drum Select, and Drum Gold.

Indicative of the popularity of Drum rolling tobacco is also the fact that it was chosen to feature in the award-winning film, Pulp Fiction, as John Travolta’s character in the film uses Drum as his preferred rolling tobacco, making Drum even more recognizable and adding points to the brand’s image.

The brand’s several packaging sizes available make it even more popular since they demonstrate to smokers that the brand caters to their diverse needs and budgets. Moreover, since Drum is made at different locations it is bound to satisfy the taste buds of all smokers, those who prefer the original Dutch flavour, as well as those who would rather roll their cigarettes using an American-flavoured tobacco.