Davidoff Cigarettes brand

davidoff cigarettes brand

A part of the bigger family of Davidoff luxury tobacco goods originating from Switzerland, which besides cigarettes also includes cigars, cigarillos and pipe tobaccos, as well as pipes, humidors and other smoking associated accessories, Davidoff cigarettes are preferred and adored by smoking aficionados all over the world for their superior quality, elegant image, stylish packaging and the overall superior smoking experience they offer.

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The cigarette making part of the brand is currently owned by one of the largest cigarette’s manufacturers, Imperial Tobacco, which has made sure to expand the range of varieties available under the Davidoff brand to include a vast array of different types of cigarettes of different potencies, flavours and types in order to be able to satisfy the entire spectrum of smokers’ preferences. The main variations which feature in the Davidoff cigarettes product list are the Magnum, Supreme, Classic, Mild, Lights, Magnum Lights, Slims, Super Slims, Ultra lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights, One and Gold.

Davidoff cigarettes always beg to differ, to stand out, to be the best when it comes to opulence, richness, luxury and lavishness and to therefore being the brand of choice for those smokers who are seeking these exact qualities from their overall smoking experience. Being able to fulfil the expectations and having built a strong image of premium quality, reliability and an unsurpassed stylish image has meant that the brand is hugely popular and has millions of loyal consumers the world over.

What is even more interesting about the Davidoff brand is that it was in fact the brain child of a single man, the visionary named Zino Davidoff, son of a Jewish family who moved to Geneva from their home in the Russian Empire and opened up a tobacconist shop in Switzerland. In order to take over the family business Zino Davidoff travelled to Latin America to learn about the secrets of tobacco trade, spending considerable time in Cuba. He later went on to use all he had learnt to turn his parents’ small shop into a thriving business.

In fact, especially due to Zino’s cigars and the overall appeal of his products among the affluent of the time, in 1970 he was able to sell his shop for the exorbitant amount of 1 million dollars to the Max Oettiger Company, however as the brand was his brainchild he stayed on as Davidoff’s ambassador until his death in 1994 at the age of 87.

The Oettinger Davidoff Group still owns the worldwide Davidoff trademark for tobacco products other than cigarettes. However, since acquiring Reemtsma in 2002 and Tchibo in 2006, for the impressive amount of 540 million dollars, the current owner of the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark is Imperial Tobacco.