The Best Online Cigarettes Shop Award for 2016

The Best Online Cigarettes Shop Award for 2016

The online market for cigarettes is the best venue for smokers to be able to get hold of good quality cigarettes at affordable prices. The competition between online cigarettes vendors is fierce and a huge number of cigarette e-shops exist, all claiming to be offering you the best products, the best service and the best prices. If you are bombarded by promotional material and are puzzled as a smoker about which shop to choose, your trusted partner, the, which is a guide to the world of online cigarette purchases that puts the best interest of smokers first, had decided to launch a yearly award that will be awarded to the online cigarettes shop that we deem to the best choice around at the current time.

Our team has tried, tested and vetted several online cigarette selling shops and has scored them against a series of benchmarks and criteria, also taking into account the customer feedback that we receive ourselves for various shops. During this rigorous process, we gave equal attention to each individual criterion making up the offering of each online cigarettes shop, while also attributing particular weigh to the overall customer satisfaction offered to and enjoyed by the customers of each shop.

The rationale for launching the award was to offer all smokers another useful tool in their effort to discern which are the best cigarette shops around and which they should prefer and direct their custom to. Moreover, it is a way to recognize and reward those online cigarettes shops that tangibly show that they go out of their way to deliver on their promises, by behaving ethically and responsibly and demonstrating that they respect and value their customers. In this way, an online cigarettes shop that truly excels in its offering is brought to the fore and applauded for their efforts and way of doing business, thus getting acclaim and being able to be distinguished from the rest.

We are therefore pleased and proud to announce that the winner of our best online cigarettes shop for 2016 is We want to congratulate the people behind this venture and encourage all smokers to reward them by making their next online cigarettes purchase through them because:

  • They are no scammers, they are honest and trustworthy and run a business that is transparent and responsive to customer needs.
  • They offer cigarettes of impeccable quality and a truly extensive range of brands, from the more popular to the more obscure, while they usually carry stocks of most varieties available in each brand, meaning that all smokers can find cigarettes to suit their taste buds and match their budget.
  • Their customer service level is truly exceptional and always easy to reach and ready to help with all queries, questions or problems.
  • Their shipping and delivery methods are fast, secure, reliable and discreet, ensuring that your cigarettes arrive at your doorstep promptly and taste fresh.
  • Their strongest advantage over their competitors, which is extremely important for all smokers, is the price of the cigarettes on sale at the site. In addition to comparing favourably to the prices offered by other competitive sites, buying your cigarettes regularly from results in huge savings over time for your pocket. This is because:
    • Subject to certain terms and conditions, offer a price match guarantee, promising to match the price of any identical product that you can prove to have found cheaper through another online vendor.
    • They always have special offers and special prices for bulk purchases, meaning that the more you buy the more you end up saving.
    • They run special promotion campaigns at regular intervals which reduce the cost of your cigarettes even more if you take advantage of them.
    • They are very generous in offering special discount coupons for free, which customers can easily redeem to curb the cost of their next cigarettes order even further.
    • They run a lucrative referral program that rewards you for referring their friends to them, while you can also always join their affiliates scheme, meaning that you can earn even more by promoting their site and their products. If they sell more and profit, then so will you.
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For all these reasons, and many more, is justifiably declared the winner of the Best Online Cigarettes Shop Award for 2016!