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Great news for all webmasters, including online merchants, affiliate managers and for everyone who owns a well-trafficked website or has the ability to create., a leading online retailer of cigarettes and tobacco products proudly announces its new business development programs. Monetize your existing traffic or capitalize on your skill to generate clients by taking advantage of these two amazing plans, which are potentially hugely lucrative. The first plan is the affiliate partnership, while the second is drop-shipping, which comes into two separate plans. Read further down to find out more and choose the right plan for you!

Affiliate Partnership Programme

The affiliate partnership programme is targeted towards those who manage their own websites and are interested in directing traffic to and be rewarding by earning 7% on the value of each successful sale completed by each client they refer. stands out from the rest who offer affiliate programs, since it provides for the tracking of customers both by IP address as well as by E-Mail. What this means in reality is that once a customer visits the site from your link, not only do they get the standard 60 day tracking cookie, but their IP address is automatically linked to your affiliate account. As a result, provided they use the same computer again, regardless of the length of time that elapses from one time to the next, they will still be tracked under your affiliate account. Thus, IP address tracking is a good method to ensure you are indeed rewarded for the customers you generate. However, e-mail tracking is even more amazing as a tool, since it ensures that once a customer creates an account through your link, then they become your customers for LIFE! Regardless of how they place orders with, once their e-mail account is linked to your account, you will receive commission on any orders placed by these particular customers, for ever. For further details on this affiliate partnership programme see the full review published on


How Drop-shipping program works


  • Drop-ship plan A: is tailored for those whose needs are better met through building their own e-commerce website feature their own customer service department and customer billing procedures, but selling the items that will provide them with. Through this programme you will be responsible for attracting traffic to your site, but will also be able to decide and set your own selling prices after choosing which products to add on your site for sale, from the products’ list, at discounted prices, that will offer you.
  • Drop-ship plan B has been designed to cater for the needs of the owners of existing internet cigarettes business. Since Online-smoke owns and operates several warehouses specializing in shipping cigarettes around the world, they are in the position to cover most global destinations and ship cigarettes in most countries and regions, such as the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Offering over 150 different brands and premium cigarette varieties at extremely competitive prices, is the ideal partner if you want to increase the brands you are selling through your own online retail store, or even if you have the skills and desire to create one but cannot because you are lacking warehousing and stock. Already drop-shipping for many popular online retail cigarettes and tobacco products stores, can ensure you will get the best deals in terms of price on all major brands.  Therefore, through the drop-ship plan you gain access to limitless stock of the widest selection of cigarettes brands that you can sell online if you already have at your hands a website and the merchant processing to sell cigarettes. is a trusted and reliable partner and they are ready and able to ship all kinds of quantities, large and small, while they also offer extra discounts when you order larger volumes.  Recognising the importance and value of confidentiality they ensure that your customers will not be able to know the origin of the cigarettes they ship to them as they take particular care never to contact your customers directly nor include any promotional materials in the packages they send.

If you are interested in learning more about the pioneer, innovative, versatile and potentially highly lucrative drop ship programmes offered by or if you want to cooperate with them by joining their affiliate partnership programme then send them an email at [email protected] to give them the chance to provide you with more details and answer any queries you may have.