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Featuring phone orders as well as a 24/7 customer support helpline, sells most of the top popular cigarette brands such as Camel, Salem and Winston, while it also offers Swiss made cigarettes for a mere $7.99 per carton. Our review of this particular online cigarette store reveals that it is a top choice due to its cheap prices, but also because the services it offers are trusted and orders are executed efficiently.

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Cigarette Prices is actually one of the few online cigarette stores that offer genuine cigarettes that are manufactured in Europe. These superior quality brands are shipped to US customers at very competitive prices, since for example a carton of Camel or Winston is priced at roughly $18, while other club cigarettes can be bought for a mere $13.49. At such prices it only makes sense to buy quality brands from rather than your local store

Product Range and Quality might be said not to offer a remarkable variety of brands, although most popular brands are readily available. To redress the downside of a limit in the variety however, one should bear in mind that the brands that are available are all of exceptional quality and freshness. This is achieved because the cigarettes you buy through are not stocked in warehouses for long periods but orders are always freshly shipped in ensuring that the product that lands on your doorstep is as fresh as can be.

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The ordering process via is very simple and after filling the electronic order form clients are called to choose between two different delivery methods. The free economy shipping has no cost but entails a waiting period between 14 to 21 working days for the cigarettes to arrive at your location. The priority express shipping, which carries a competitive fee, ensures that your order will reach its destination in only 5-10 working days.


The fairly good selection of brands, the highly competitive prices, the ease of the ordering process and the reliable delivery methods on offer, as well as the prompt and trusted customer support all work in favour of and make it an attractive option for all those smokers wishing to purchase cheap cigarettes and tobacco products on line.


  1. I think this site is a real gem for us US smokers who suffer from having to pay ridiculously high prices for a pack. I have been ordering from them for some time now and have never had a problem. They seem to always have my brand in stock and are very prompt when it comes to delivery.

  2. Same here. Never had a problem with them and have also tried their friend referral promo which saved me an extra $20 for every friend I referred. Plain awesome!