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463 views has been around for some time and has emerged as a trusted online seller of cigarettes, catering only for customers based in the United States and offering a service level of very high standard, perhaps the best all around, when compared to its competitors.

All the cigarette brands and tobacco products sold through are the genuine one and they shipped straight from their original manufacturers, which means that the cigarettes and tobacco reaching your doorstep are remarkably fresher. Another distinguishing feature of are the shipping options they offer, which enable customers to choose between a totally free delivery service and a priority service, which comes at a fee but arrives very fast.


Cigarette Prices

This online cigarette store offers prices that are very competitive by all accounts, while they also feature many special offers. Furthermore, when you choose to buy a special offer you can also save up to $30 on the shipping fee. However, the good price and inexpensive shipping rates are not the only advantage of this store, as offers an impeccable level of customer service to all its clients, which comes coupled with a high reliability and security.

Offers and Exclusive Discounts for Visitors

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Product Range and Quality offers a very impressive range of excellent quality brands, made of popular and less popular ones. The cigarettes sold include European made cigarettes as well as brands originating from non EU countries, all of them however being of the highest quality.


The high reliability is perhaps the strongest asset of In this store what you see is what you get, there is no small print or nasty surprises and they only display at any time only the cigarette brands and tobacco products that they really hold on stock. They strive not to disappoint their customers and maintain an excellent customer service department that is helpful and prompt and polite.

Ordering on cigarettes-info

The actual ordering procedure with is very straightforward and the site itself is user friendly. Moreover, the shipping methods are also very good and once your order is placed and paid for, your cigarettes will arrive at your doorstep between 14 to 21 business days later.

Summary stands out not only for the competitive prices it offers on various cigarette and tobacco brands, but also for its reliable delivery options and its immaculate customer service level, which render this online store an ideal location for smokers wishing to buy cheap cigarettes online.


  1. I shopped from this online store several times and was quite happy with the prices and delivery. Last time however my order was not received. Fortunately, their customer service staff was easy to reach and very polite and they promptly arranged for a re-shipment, which meant that despite the delay I did get my cigarettes in the end. It was really good to have someone on the other end of the line that was understanding and willing to help to resolve the problem.

  2. True their customer service is always reliable and prompt, but I think their best point are the good promotions they run from time to time saving us huge bucks, especially when ordering in bulk. Watch out for such promotions and also use the discount coupon codes they put up to always pay less for your carton.

  3. I just attempted to go to the site for a purchase, and Foxfire refused due to an out of date certificate.
    I have done business with these folks for years now, but as they require an echeck from my checking account (which I do not want to compromise) I am probably done with them.