bad review

Consumer complaints and reviews about appears to be a scam. Although the site is designed well and makes one believe that everything is in order and that purchasing cigarettes from them should go down without any problems, our own experience with them was a very bad one. We placed several orders for cigarettes that appeared to be in stock, paid the full amount that was requested, gave a valid address and waited. Several weeks later none of the orders were actually received and what was more annoying was that despite several attempts it was impossible to communicate with the vendor in any way. Repeated calls and emails went unanswered for days. When we finally got through to someone we only got cheap excuses as a reply and a plain denial of a refund. Be aware and stay away from this store as you are most likely to lose your money and never get your cigarettes!


  1. I fully agree with your findings. I ordered with them a few months ago and never got my cigarettes and never got a refund either. These people are real crooks and liars so please everyone keep away.

  2. They scammed me as well. The cigarettes never arrived and I was not refunded. They did answer the phone once, after literally hundreds of calls and said they were not to blame claiming the order was dispatched and that customs must have seized the package. Outrageous…, don’t trust them with your money ever!