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camel cigarettes logo

Being produced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Camel cigarettes rank very high both in popularity and sales, since they are comfortably in the top five most popular brands in the world, while being easily recognizable as a cigarette brand across the globe.  Camels were an instant hit as a brand since their initial launching in the American market in 1913. The launching of the Camel brand was innovative since it entailed a nationwide marketing campaign rendering the brand instantly recognizable by almost everyone. Innovation however was also employed in the manufacture of Camels as well and has ever since found many imitators, for being the first brand to sell pre-rolled cigarettes in packs of 20 to the wide public. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Camel brand making it famous the world over was the actual make up of its tobacco blend, which was made up of the blending of three different tobacco types, namely Turkish, Virginia and Burley, giving it a very unique flavor.

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The huge popularity of the Camel brand in the USA was a result of its premium quality combined with an affordable price, which helped Camel cigarettes being the top selling brand in the US from its 1913 launching until the 1950s. Camels were primarily produced in the North Carolina city of Winston-Salem, the home of the R.J. Reynolds factory. Camels were extremely popular in their home town and the factory itself gave employment to most of the locals, so Winston-Salem was often also called “Camel City”.

The huge success of the Camel brand is hugely attributed to the very innovative campaign that preceded its launching in the form of teasers informing the public that “the Camels are coming!”, while free cigarettes were given out in the streets to the public, during a parade by the now familiar figure of Old Joe, a circus camel.  The marketing of the Camel brand has often come up with memorable slogans such as: “I’d walk a mile for a Camel!”, “More doctors smoke Camels than ever before!”, and “Camel’s real taste lasts longer.” Using the Camel figure of Old Joe the camel as its central icon, also appearing on the pack of the cigarettes was a very clever and successful decision as well, while this was also developed into a massively popular cartoon in 1987. However, in 1997 the company was forced to take Joe Camel off its promotional material amid criticism of trying to promote cigarettes to young children through the figure of Joe the Camel.

Currently Camel cigarettes are being made and sold in numerous different flavours, stemming from three types of flavor; the Classic, the Turkish and the Exotic blend. The Camel Classic flavor is the most popular and it is particularly liked due to its full flavor. The Turkish flavor is preferred by those who are after a mellower, smoother cigarette, while Camel’s exotic blends are a luxury, limited-edition product with a distinctive taste that caters for the palette of the more demanding smokers.