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CAMEL Cigarettes

The Camel cigarettes brand is truly unique in many aspects, which explains why it became an instant success ever since its launching back in 1913 by the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company and why it remains an extremely popular and recognizable brand until today, having millions of loyal consumers all over the world. Backed by highly successful promotional and marketing campaigns over the years, the Camel brand has established its dominant position in the world markets mostly due to the high quality and distinctly flavoured tobacco blend that is used in its manufacturing, that is sun-dried and combines different tobacco types in order to achieve the perfect mixture that offers a strong, full-bodied and yet mildly flavoured cigarette. At we stock most available varieties of the Camel cigarettes brand. Buy Cheap Camel Cigarettes from We offer you one of the lowest discount Camel cigarette prices. All of the brands we sell are high quality products which we always offer you at the lowest possible prices, guaranteeing you both satisfaction and affordability.

Camel Blue
Camel Blue cigarettes are the company's light cigarette variety. The cigarettes have all the flavor of the stronger cigarettes, but have a taste that's not as harsh. The full flavor Camels sometimes feel rough on the throat, but that is never a problem with the Camel Blue cigarettes. Camel revamped its packaging and names in the mid-2000s, which led to the name change. The great mild flavor...
Camel BlueCamel Blue $45.50 (* $37.31)
2 Cartons Camel Blue $82.50 (* $67.65)
3 Cartons Camel Blue $123.50 (* $101.27)
4 Cartons Camel Blue $162.50 (* $133.25)
6 Cartons Camel Blue $239.50 (* $196.39)
12 + 2 FREE Cartons Camel Blue $514.99 (* $422.29)
* Price with coupon

Camel Filter
Camel Filters cigarettes have been popular for nearly a century. They have a notably high nicotine content that makes them a particularly potent cigarette, part of why they became and have stayed so popular.
Camel FilterCamel Filter $45.50 (* $37.31)
2 Cartons Camel Filter $82.50 (* $67.65)
3 Cartons Camel Filter $123.50 (* $101.27)
4 Cartons Camel Filter $162.50 (* $133.25)
6 Cartons Camel Filter $239.50 (* $196.39)
12 + 2 FREE Cartons Camel Filter $514.99 (* $422.29)
* Price with coupon

Camel Orange
Camel Orange cigarettes provide a satisfying experience for the sophisticated smoker. These cigarettes are always fulfilling, never disappointing and exceed your expectations every time you light one up. There is no better feeling than relaxing with a Camel Orange cigarette and letting the stress of the day float away in a cloud of smoke. The perfect way to quiet the mind and soothe the spirit.
Camel OrangeCamel Orange $45.50 (* $37.31)
2 Cartons Camel Orange $82.50 (* $67.65)
3 Cartons Camel Orange $123.50 (* $101.27)
4 Cartons Camel Orange $162.50 (* $133.25)
6 Cartons Camel Orange $239.50 (* $196.39)
12 + 2 FREE Cartons Camel Orange $514.99 (* $422.29)
* Price with coupon

Camel Regular Non-Filter
Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes are the perfect smoking choice for experienced smokers. Their style, consistent quality and tobacco blend make them one of Camel's flagship products, and with their ever-growing high popularity, Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes constitute a globally acclaimed smoke. Even though the cigarettes lack filters, Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes offer a smooth and mild flavor.
Camel Regular Non-FilterCamel Regular Non-Filter $45.50 (* $37.31)
2 Cartons Camel Regular Non-Filter $82.50 (* $67.65)
3 Cartons Camel Regular Non-Filter $123.50 (* $101.27)
4 Cartons Camel Regular Non-Filter $162.50 (* $133.25)
6 Cartons Camel Regular Non-Filter $239.50 (* $196.39)
12 + 2 FREE Cartons Camel Regular Non-Filter $514.99 (* $422.29)
* Price with coupon

Camel Silver
Camel Silver cigarettes are smooth, flavorful and satisfying. Their tobacco blend is fresh and mild, making the Camel Silvers the natural successors of the former Light cigarette. With much fewer additives compared to other cigarette brands, Camel Silver cigarettes lead the way in the commercial light cigarette market each and every time.
Camel SilverCamel Silver $45.50 (* $37.31)
2 Cartons Camel Silver $82.50 (* $67.65)
3 Cartons Camel Silver $123.50 (* $101.27)
4 Cartons Camel Silver $162.50 (* $133.25)
6 Cartons Camel Silver $239.50 (* $196.39)
12 + 2 FREE Cartons Camel Silver $514.99 (* $422.29)
* Price with coupon

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A Brief History of Camel Cigarettes

Being produced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Camel cigarettes rank very high both in popularity and sales, since they are comfortably in the top five most popular brands in the world, while being easily recognizable as a cigarette brand across the globe. Camels were an instant hit as a brand since their initial launching in the American market in 1913. The launching of the Camel brand was innovative since it entailed a nationwide marketing campaign rendering the brand instantly recognizable by almost everyone.

How to buy cheap Camel cigarettes: 4 Steps

In order to be able to know exactly the cost per carton or per pack that you will be called to pay and thus decide which online store offers you the more cost effective, affordable solution for your next purchase of cheap Camel cigarettes you need to take into account another two factors... If you make these steps and take all the factors mentioned above into consideration, then you are bound to end up with discerning the combination of online store, order quantity and delivery method that will allow you to smoke your favorite Camel cigarettes for much less than what you have been paying so far. What is more, you will be able to order from the comfort of your home and relax while the order is delivered right to your doorstep. So, stick to Camel cigarettes, but don’t pay the excessive high street price for a pack. Buy Camel cigarettes cheaply, online. It is easy and completely doable…good luck and happy bargain hunting!

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