Buying cheap Salem cigarettes: the dos and don’ts

buy cheap salem cigarettes

Having once dominated the world markets when it comes to the mentholated cigarettes category, the Salem cigarettes brand still remains until today one of the best selling menthol brand in the United States, which is the home of the brand’s manufacturer the R. J. Reynolds company. The brand’s high popularity and long history are witness to its success and it is partly attributed to the fact that when it was originally launched back in 1956, it was the first ever filtered mentholated cigarette to be put on the market. One problem that Salem cigarettes smokers have to face however is the fact that currently R.J. Reynolds considers Salem cigarettes a support brand and not a growth brand. This means that puts limited marketing support behind these brands, focusing on balancing the brands’ scale and long-term profit.

This latter fact places an additional hindrance on the shoulders of Salem cigarettes smokers when trying to find Salem cigarettes to buy at a cheap price. Having said that it is not accurate to argue that finding cheap Salem cigarettes to buy is an unattainable task. Bearing in mind that smokers around the world are usually called to pay very high retail prices for their preferred brand, especially due to the high taxes and dues imposed on cigarettes, the attempt to buy cheap cigarettes is well justified.

Therefore, we would like to offer a helping hand to those Salem smokers who are seeking to get hold of Salem cigarettes for a cheaper price and thus be able to continue enjoying the smoking experience that they are accustomed to without having to pay exorbitant amounts. In order to achieve this, we have compiled and put to the disposal of all smart Salem smokers out there, a concise list of dos and don’ts when trying to buy cheap Salem cigarettes. Without further ado, here is what you should and should not do:

Do not buy Salem cigarettes from your local brick and mortar high street shops, as these tend to charge the highest prices per pack.

Do not buy Salem cigarettes on the black market from obscure establishments or individuals either, because these may be illegal, counterfeit cigarettes that might not only get you into trouble but may also seriously harm your health since they may contain very dangerous substances, being made under no controls.

Do buy Salem cigarettes online, as the online purchase of tobacco products is admittedly the most “value for money” option available to smokers. For more details on the merits of this, please consult our articles on  “Why you should buy cigarettes online” and “The benefits of purchasing cigarettes online”.


Do not buy Salem cigarettes from the first online cigarettes store that you happen to come across.

Do not be deceived by a fancy website design or prices that may be too low to be true.

Instead, do shop for genuinely cheap Salem cigarettes from online cigarettes vendors that are trustworthy and reliable. In order to be able to locate such trusted stores you could take into account the detailed reviews of such stores and also consult tables that summarize, compare, contrast and evaluate the offerings and features of online cigarettes stores. One good example of such a ratings and review table is the one we have prepared and you can instantly access it by clicking below:


online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews
Online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews. Click to access the full table.


Do not rush to buy your cheap Salem cigarettes from an online store simply because you find it to be reliable as it doesn’t mean it is the cheaper you can find.

Do perform a dedicated search between the stores you find to be trusted to specifically locate which one actually stocks Salem cigarettes and indeed sells them at the cheaper price.

Do not waste time and effort to browse through the product pages of each store.

Instead, do save yourself time and effort by referring to tailor made price comparison tables that let you see in an instant and at a glance, which shop sells Salem for the best price. To access the Salem cigarettes price comparison table prepared by us, click on the screenshot below:


Compare Salem cigarettes price
Compare Salem cigarettes price online and locate the store that sells their favourite cigarettes at the lowest price.


Do not buy your cheap Salem cigarettes from an online store in small quantities as in this way you miss out on additional savings that can be had and also you may forgo your right to free shipping.

Do buy cheap Salem cigarettes online in bulk quantities, ensuring economies of scale for the vendor, who can then offer you a much better price per carton, even throwing in a couple of cartons for free and offering you free shipping.


Do not go the checkout of the online vendor without having in your hands a discount coupon or code that you can use to lower the cost of your order even further.

Do make sure you find and take advantage of discount coupons and codes that you can redeem when paying for your order. These are usually offered for free by vendors and will result in buying your Salem cigarettes a lot cheaper if you use them right. Find out more about such promotional codes, by reading our section on

Free cigarette coupon discount codes.

By following this simple list of dos and don’ts your effort to buy cheap Salem cigarettes will become much easier and effective and will allow you to enjoy your favourite cigarette while paying much less for each pack time after time.