The Ultimate Guide to Buying cheap cigarettes online – 2016

To be reading this guide we must assume that you are a smoker. If our assumption is right then in theory you may be either a smoker that wishes to keep smoking or one who considers quitting the habit. Even if do belong to the latter group, then our online site may well have something to offer to you as well, because as much as we defend the right to smoke, we also support those who decide they want to stop or at least try to. For some great tips on how to achieve this resolution if you have set your heart on it, you can read our dedicated post on 10 ways to stop smoking.

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Alternatively, you may want to continue your relationship with the pleasures derived from cigarette smoking but wish to explore and try out other ways to get that pleasure and your nicotine dose. If you are interested, for example, in trying out electronic cigarettes then you may find out more about this new smoking trend through our relevant post. We also offer insights on the use of hookahs, while you can also get the lowdown on industry efforts to offer consumers alternatives to traditional cigarettes through our dedicated article.

Our online guide is packed with information on all the traditional types of smoking products as well, such as pipe tobacco and hand rolling tobacco and includes articles on all the big cigarette manufacturers and many popular cigarette brands. We feel that the right to smoke is a right of each individual that needs to be respected, provided it is done without breaching laws, for example those pertaining to smoking in public spaces. We also believe that every smoker is entitled and should seek to have available as much information as possible about smoking and smoking products and this is why we have compiled this online resource that contains many informative pieces pertaining to issues related to smoking.

The stricter rules and bans on smoking imposed by authorities the world-over, the price hikes and huge increases on the taxation that burdens the shoulders and pockets of each smoker and the lobbying against smoking from many groups that criticize, alienate and frown upon all smokers rightfully make all smokers feel bad and also make their effort to continue smoking and do so in a convenient and cost-effective manner, very difficult.

However, you should not despair. is here to help all smokers out, because we believe that not only the decision to smoke or not should be yours and yours alone to take, but also that not having to pay ridiculously high prices for each pack of cigarettes is also a right that each smoker should be able to enjoy.

If you do decide to buy cigarettes, then you should be able to buy them, cheaply, without having to break the bank or destroy your finances or family’s economic planning just because you choose to smoke.

Is getting hold of cheap cigarettes the impossible task?

The short answer to this question is no! In fact, reducing the cost of smoking and the impact this choice of habit has on the budget of each smoker is attainable through a variety of methods. Our brief guide on this matter can be accessed here and it overviews the online and off-line options available to interested cigarette buyers.

Shall I look online or offline for cheap cigarettes?

We strongly believe that both in terms of convenience but most importantly in terms of price buying cigarettes online is the best and wisest option for all smokers. In our relevant post, entitled Why you should buy cigarettes online?, you can read a brief presentation of why we support this view.

Moreover, the value for money and hassle free experience of buying cigarettes online is further explored and explained in another post that presents in a compelling manner the many benefits of buying cheap cigarettes online. This article is aptly entitled The benefits of purchasing cigarettes online.

However, the most vivid illustration of why we believe that the right venue for searching for cheap cigarettes are online shops as opposed to any other supply source, is portrayed through our informative piece, which admits that there may exist certain cheap offline vendors of cigarettes, but when rightly juxtaposed to the cheap cigarettes that one can obtain by shopping online, the online option is a clear winner. If you are intrigued to find out exactly why this is so then read our piece on Why are cheap online cigarettes better than cheap offline cigarettes?.

Besides, as a responsible individual you should also bear in mind that the cheap price of a pack should not be your only consideration when deciding from where you should buy your next carton of cigarettes. You may be able to find an offline supply source at a really bargain price, but chances are that this will be in the “black market”. If you proceed to make such a purchase then you may well be putting your life in danger as such cigarettes are often manufactured under bad conditions and are not only of inferior or bad quality but even poisonous or harmful, while such shady operations are often used to fund unlawful deeds, such as for example terrorism. If want to explore this topic further, then read our story on Buying cheap black market cigarettes is a crime with many victims.

Convinced to buy online, but how do I do it?

If you have read all the articles that we refer to above, then you must be convinced by now that you are better off if you decide to shop for and buy your cheap cigarettes online, because this will enable you to enjoy not only better prices but also a greater brand selection and added convenience. However, if you have not shopped for anything online before or if you are pretty inexperienced with such purchases, then you may be a bit apprehensive to order your cheap cigarettes from an online vendor or have queries on exactly how to go about it. Fear not, as we have compiled informative pieces on these topics as well. As most online cigarette vendors sell duty free cigarettes, which is one of the reasons they can offer much lower prices, it is useful to know a bit more on duty free cigarettes and you can learn a lot if you read our special article here.

Then you can delve deeper into the topic of buying cheap cigarettes online by going through our post on how to buy cigarettes online. A very useful resource, especially for those less well-versed with online purchases, are also the two dedicated guides on how to buy cigarettes from less from two specific online shops that we have tried and tested and consider to be trustworthy and reliable. The two guides are How To buy Cigarettes Online from and Step-by-step guide to buying cigarettes online from

Is there any reason to worry?

Unfortunately, as with most other online industries, the sector of online cigarettes shopping is also plagued by scams and fraudsters who may be out to deceive you and either sell you products of inferior quality or even worse not send you any product at all but simply take your money and run. To help you avoid such loopholes, you can read our post on How to avoid online cigarette store scams, which contains very useful information on this topic and is actually one of the most popular items we feature on our online guide.

In fact, the most valid danger associated with buying cigarettes online is not properly selecting the store from which you will decide to buy. We strongly believe that the wisest consumer is the informed consumer and this is why we devised a great piece on how to go about yourselves judging if an online cigarettes shop deserves your trust and custom or not. Our post entitled Do-it-yourself discerning a good online cheap cigarettes store, will teach you all there is to know about this topic and equip you to be able to avoid scam stores and only trust the truly reliable ones.

Moreover, you can also consult our very enlightening and useful advice on The tell-tell signs of a top online cigarettes store, which details what you should except from and what to look out for in an online cheap cigarettes vendor, to be able to order and receive your cigarettes in a hassle free manner.

Can I buy for even less?

Yes, that is actually the beauty of shopping for cheap cigarettes online: the fact that not only are cheaper than in brick and mortar shops for the reasons already discussed above, but also there are even more opportunities and chances to get hold of your favorite cigarettes brand for much, much less. The only thing you need to do in order to achieve this is to learn all about the wonderful bargains and special offers than can be had when shopping for cheap cigarettes online through Cigarette Coupon Codes – online cigarettes discounts and promo codes explained.

Buying your cigarettes from cheap cigarette online vendors could make you money in another way as well, besides the money you actually save on each purchase. If you are interested in exploring this possibility then you can find out more about the concept of How to Make Money Through Cigarettes Affiliate Programs and also get the lowdown on the lucrative opportunities that are up for grabs if you join the programme offered by one such trusted cheap cigarettes vendor: Read more on this topic here cigarette affiliate program Review and here announces cigarettes Dropshipping and Affiliate Partnership Options.

Price comparison tables: A cool tool to locate cheap online cigarettes prices

Ok we can admit that if you like a specific brand of cigarettes and want to remain brand loyal, without an intention to switch to a different brand or to try out a newer product or perhaps a more obscure brand in order to ensure a better price, then you should perform your search for cheap online cigarettes specifically and directly on your favorite brand. The really good news in this regard that we have done the hard work on your behalf and have compiled price comparison charts on specific popular cigarette brand, directly comparing the prices of such products at various reputable and trusted online vendors. Currently, we have such comparison tables for the following brands and by clicking on each brand name you will be automatically directed to the relevant cigarettes price comparison table:
Kool Cigarettes, Silk Cut Cigarettes, American Legend Cigarettes, Golden Gate Cigarettes, King Cigarettes, Monte Carlo Cigarettes, Golden Virginia Tobacco, Best Man Cigarettes, Camel Cigarettes, Drum Tobacco, Salem Cigarettes, Newport Cigarettes, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Dunhill Cigarettes, Davidoff Cigarettes, Lucky Strike Cigarettes, More Cigarettes, Viceroy Cigarettes, Winston Cigarettes, West Cigarettes, Kent Cigarettes, Vogue Cigarettes, Rothmans Cigarettes, Amphora Pipe tobacco, Marlboro Cigarettes, Benson & Hedges Cigarettes, Parliament Cigarettes.

Brand-specific guides: the fast and convenient way to get hold of cheap cigarettes

To put the mind of smokers who are perhaps less accustomed to online shopping or have inhibitions in placing an online order for cigarettes fearing that something might go wrong or that they will be unable to actually locate the cheapest available price for their favorite cigarette brand, our hardworking editors have painstakingly and meticulously prepared detailed and thorough step by step guides which take you through the process of locating, buying and in the end enjoying your favorite cigarette brand at amazing prices through online shopping. Containing information that is essential, useful and insightful if you buy based on the advice in these guides you can be sure to uncover the cheapest cigarettes ever! Currently, on you can find brand-specific cheap purchase guides on: Camel cigarettes, Golden Gate cigarettes, American Legend cigarettes, Benson & Hedges cigarettes, King cigarettes, Newport cigarettes, Pall Mall cigarettes, Salem cigarettes and Winston cigarettes.

A final word

At we are passionate about the rights of those who enjoy smoking to be able to choose to smoke and not be called to pay ridiculously excessive prices for their favorite cigarettes. We also strongly believe that each smoker is entitled to be able to find cigarettes that are not only reasonably priced but of good quality too and maintain that the chance to shop online for cigarettes should be a safe, convenient and secure experience. Moreover, we favor the online ordering and purchasing of cheap cigarettes because it affords a smoker the freedom and liberty to buy from the comfort of their own home, at any time or day they want, without having to travel to a shop or stand in a queue to pay up. What is more, buying cigarettes online offers greater privacy and discretion in an overall environment, mostly in the western “civilized” world, which has smokers be frowned upon, scorned or considered poor addicts who engage in a filthy and sinister act…

So, as a final piece of advice, if you do want to get hold of cheap cigarettes online and doing so is your right and to your benefit. And thankfully many tips and cool tools do exist to help you out in that quest and ensure that you are never again called to pay a cent more for your favorite brand. For a complete lowdown on such tools, study carefully our The absolutely essential guide to Cheap cigarettes Online Shopping and if you are still in doubt or need extra help, then do not hesitate to contact us.